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This song is one of those lyric-less mixes, like stuff from Fatboy Slim and others. There's a loop in there that sounds like the voice from "Weapon of Choice".

For all the Toonami viewers, this same song was played around this time last year...when toonami was in the afternoons and would play music videos on rare occaisons. The video consisted of this car racing around, changing colors and stuff as the song progressed.

If you guys can help me out, thanks a TON.
I've been waitin for someone to ask:

Amon Tobin - Verbal

I love this track, I'm listenin to it now LOL :D
the williams street crew (eg. the guys who produce every side thing on cartoon network.. like the little promos, bugs, adult swim, toonami, etc) has a knack for ninja tune music.

basically, go to www.ninjatune.com and search through their music, you'll find alot of familiar stuff there, because basically every toonami promo and or bug card has a song from a ninja tune artist or was custom made.. but most of the custom music is old now.