Hulu Haiti Relief


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Sad to say that theres not a ton I know about this commercial other than it was quite simple (just black with white text for a good portion), and the music caught my ear.

It was very simple, slow piano music, mostly single notes with a couple chords at the end. I'm not sure which organization this was done by, but another on Hulu was from Mercy Corps, but any searches for other commercials by them have not found the one I'm looking for.

What it is NOT: Together by Kin. This is the Mercy Corps commercial I know of, and has a keyboard, but not what I'm looking for.

I want to find this music, or at least hear it again, to either get what piece its from or taken from, or at least be able to learn it myself as my mind just starts spinning off in many different directions because the music is not resolved at the end of the commercial.

I've tried to load many videos on Hulu on a bunch of different shows, and have yet to be played the commercial I'm looking for. They may have discontinued it, but I'm still hopeful.

Thanks in advance for your help!