Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

I went all the way back to page 12 and also conducted my own search with the aid of Google and YouTube, but I can't find even a mention of this commercial.

I don't remember much about it, except I'm almost certain it's for an alcoholic beverage. If my memory's working right, the screen is mostly black and all you can see is the drink pouring into an invisible cup, splashing and whirling around. The song starts off with a melancholy-sounding violin then a woman's voice comes in joined by a slow hip-hop beat.

I want to say it's Budweiser, but the style doesn't go with their usual "don't hold back" commercials. If anybody knows the song I'd appreciate some help.
Not trying to hate..."Never the Same" is a good tune, but I gotta shine a little light on the past. It's not so much similar to The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" as it is seemingly borrowed from The Turtles "You Showed Me" and even closer in sound to the the 90s remake of the same song by The Lightning Seeds. Cool graphics in the ad too...the way the bottle and glasses re-shape as the liquid pours.