johnnie walker

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    Johnnie Walker Red Label Christina Hendricks

    Does anybody know the name of the soundtrack from that ad? Video at
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    Johnnie Walker Black Label

    I can't tell you how long I've been looking for this song! please someone has to know!
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    Johnnie Walker Black Label

    I've been seeing a commercial for Johnnie Walker Black Label recently, similar or the same to the older one where it's an all black background and the bottle and glass are invisible while whisky is poured. In this new one, there's new music in the background which I cannot identify. I'm pretty...
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    Johnnie Walker "Keep Walking"

    Anyone know this song?
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    Johnnie Walker "Android"

    Does anybody know the artist and name of the song of The Android commercial? You can see the commercial here: Thanks.
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    Johnnie Walker McLaren F1

    Has anyone seen an Ad for Johnnie Walker for Formula 1 racing. It aired on FOX SPORTS WORLD last. It's clearly a classical arrangement and plays over a camera moving thru an empty race track and ending with the logo "Keep Walking"... :ph34r:
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    Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

    Does anybody know the song that plays in the background of the new Johnny Walker Black Label commercial? It's one with the black tv screen and then a JW bottle pops out. tnx guys!