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Okay there's this commercial where it's about some chick cream. There are really
hot models that are like in this commercial. I like the music that's being played in it, and I was just wondering could it be an actual song. If so does anyone knows the name of the commercial's track? And I've forgotten to mention that it was featured on a Jerkins cream/lotion whatever commercial with hot chicks and models.

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i believe you mean, jergens

can you describe the music and/or the ad -- personally not aware of the "hot models" ad. ;)
ok i was that this was covered before but no real answer was given so here it is again. does any one know the song used in the Jergens skin lotion commercial? it shows a woman in black and white film and there are subtitles that say "then" (i think) then it changed to a modern color picture and a model and subtitles say "now" then it goes on with the black and white again with 2 or 3 little girls at the beach, then it shows another model in her bikini, again with the subtitles "then" and "now".
It's like where there are women who are doing stuff; one like wearing a bikini sitting on a beach, another like walking in a city, and I believe one's like taking a shower. I can't really describe it, but I think this would give you an good idea of what I'm talking about.
its kind of hard to describe but its kind of a techno ish song
well how else do you describe a song? and now i dont even see it on tv i keep on looking but well no luck.
Maybe you could try contacting Jergens customer service and asking them about the music or the ad agency that produced the ad.
jergens,Newest TV commercial skin firm moisturizer
Can anyone give me as much information that they can on the music, for that tv commercial
From the Jergens company:
We appreciate your interest in our products.

We had the music composed for both TV ads so we own the rights to the music. There is no name for either song, and both were created by a company called Q Department.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Consumer Relations Department
man i want it though.... but i guess it would be kind of short maybe they would sell it.
Hello all!
I know this is kinda late, and you prob have forgotton about this, But i have found that commercial online and was able to download it and work with it in Blaze media to get just the music.