JCPenney "Rock Your Body"


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JCPenney "Rock Your Body"

I need the song in the new Jc Penney commercial, I don't really know the specifics of the commercial but the song goes something like "Rock Your body, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh" it has something like a reggae hip hop pop sound.

Can anyone help me on this???

Yeah I just saw that today too. Looked around but nothing yet. And no it's NOT Justin Timberlake.
There's this new commercial out for JC Penny that has a song that seems great! It's got all these dancing teens in a school with the bobble-headed guy in there, too. Does anyone know the song? It's got that jamacan-rapper feel to it.
woah! Thank you! Where was that? I searched for jc penny commercial but it came up negative. Hmm, guess i must learn your search tools better. :)
does anyone know the name of the rap song in the new JC Penny's commercial with all the little kids dancing. something about moving ur body. sorry i dont remember any of the actual lyrics.
This is like the 3rd or 4th thread on this same commercial. Doesn't anyone use the search? :rolleyes:
Thanks for finding the song, I am new here and could not find it in the search feature, but now I know it's quicks so hopefully I will be more sucessful next song I need to find. Thanks again!!!
It's actually MVP's (featuring Stagga Lee) "Rock Ya Body Mic Check 1,2."
Originally posted by AyanP@Aug 1 2004, 08:13 AM
It's actually MVP's (featuring Stagga Lee) "Rock Ya Body Mic Check 1,2."
Thanks for pointing that out!

You can find the song on MVP's album "Hit The Spot" (link goes to available audio sample, track, 4).
Originally posted by Abby@Aug 1 2004, 07:31 AM
Oh yeah, it's that group he's in, right?
I have no idea. I just read the credits on my car's radio.
JCPenney has a new add with a little puppet and lots of high school students dancing in it. Who sings the song they are dancing to? "Rock your body like check one two..." Thanks for you help!
:usesearch: This has been answered......its MVP (featuring Stagga Lee) "Rock ya Body Mic Check 1, 2"
Does anyone know where I can download he actual commercial? It's just so damn cool! If anyone has a website where I can dl it, plz plz plz post!
there is a new target commerical with a buch of kids dancing around in a classroom...its driving me crazy cause i want to know what the song is and i cant find anything online about it...can anyone help me with this?
well i cant really understand what they are singing sounds like he may be saying "rock your body like...(blah blah blah)like whoaaaa like whooooa from that tiny bit of information on the song im hoping that the commercial itself will help....its a back to school commercial from target and these kids are all dancing in a class room they look like professional dancers and thats all i can think to offer up about it thanks for trying to help