Jamaican Rapping -- answered

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I know a lot of the people on this website are into music so I have a question. Ive heard this song a couple times and I dont know who sings it or what its called. It was a rap/club type song and it had a guy rapping and a girl who sang the chorus. The rapper guy had a jamaican type sound like Sean Paul but im almost positive it wasnt him. So if anyone knows any other popular jamaican sounding rappers that would be great, or if u know a song similar to the one im describing that would be great too.
There's Shaggy.. and of course back in the good ol days there was Snow.

Me licky boom-boom down.. classic.
Hm, I know it didnt sound like shaggy, I doubt it was Snow either. Gosh, everyone knows how frustrating it is to not know a song, i hate it. AH!
YSAPrincess23!!!!! YOU ARE A FREAKING LEGEND! I found it, it was Beanie Man and Ms. Thing - Dude. haha I love you!