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Does anyone know the song from the ING commercial where it shows the money moving around, working out, and throwing stuff at each other? All i remember is that the slogan was "make your money work for you." Thnx a bunch for the help
Is it Bert Kaempfert - "A Swingin' Safari"? If not could you perhaps describe the music/vocals?
It's either that or it's the theme from The Odd Couple by Sammy Cohn and Neil Hefti. Those are the only two commercials I remember with money moving around.
I had wondered about this song too. Does anyone know why Swingin' Safari is so familiar? Thanks!
I think it was played on the old Match Game tv show
I didn't see that show. Anyone else know where else this song was used? It seemed so familiar to me, that I thought I should be able to place it, but just couldn't. Thanks!