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well ive found alot of good bands from this site, and its basically the whole reason i listen to indy music now.
So since im guessing alot of you like it, i was wondering if you could help me find some new bands, im currently listening to le tigre, the shins, the posal service, and the flaming lips.
Can any1 give me some suggestions or at least point me in the right direction?
Wow I'm youre man

Motion City Soundtrack
(both more punkish but good)

ohh new band out of canada i just heard about The Unicorns
Copeland is good and mello
Death cab for cutie (the lead singer for Postal service)
Fall out boy (punkish also)
Modest Mouse
Punchline "Action" is a good album
The Rocket Summer its one guy who does all the instruments and sings and then mixes it all
Saves the Day their older albums (not In Reverie, get Stay What You Are)
The Strokes
Dntel there's some free downloads too. I don't remember much about the downloads. But if I had to reccomend some songs: Anywhere anyone and suddenly is sooner than you think where both really good. So is this is the dream of evan and chad (original).
Brendan Benson - Lapalco. Greatest record ever!!!!

I was told that The Unicorns had broken up. I've never heard their stuff, but I'm gonna have to!
thanx ive herd songs by telepopmusik theyre kinda technoish, ive herd modest mouse of course, i have my favorite accident by motion city, ive seen fall out boy in concert its where i discovered anberlin, i have the rooney cd, saves the day is kinda too emo for me, um but the other stuff ill deff. check out.
o and recently got the shins cd it was kinda dissappointing, i was expecting stuff like kissing the lipless or caring is creepy, but the songs are alot slower.
thanx for ur suggestions
How about Interpol's latest CD "Antics" ? I am in love with that CD.
and how can you say Saves the day is too emo

are you listening to the new stuff? cause thats crap

have you heard of Coheed and Cambria or Ambulance Ltd.
ive herd of coheed and cambria, big lead singer with a voice that doesnt match his body,
and i checked out some of the bands u suggested and they were pretty good
im still downloading the garden state soundtrack, and so far i really like the frou frou song its really good
A Favor House Atlantic - Coheed and Cambria, is a REALLY good song. :lol: So addictive to listen to.. :p
the postal service- against all odds
its a cover of sum song im pretty sure any which way its amazing