Help me find this song :P


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hey, okay I heard this song on the radio, its like 2 years old, I used to listen to it alot, it really sounds like bon jovi. some lyrics include: Your best freinds sticking up for you, and he repeats "Tell Me" a whole lot. It also includes something about a milkyway, and deep fried chicken, I wish I had a better memory, so sorry! thanks a bunch :p!
FOUND IT! after an hour of searching, TRAIN — ( Drops of Jupiter Lyrics ) beutiful song people, get it! enjoy :)
Easily one of the best songs I've ever heard. Another nice song by Train: "Ordinary". It was also in the SpiderMan 2 SoundTrack I think.... Anyways I'm getting off-topic so I'll just shut up....
Well that one's definitely "Drops Of Jupiter". In fact the person who asked the question answered the question too so that tells me that that person knows which song it is! ;) And that's probably their most popular song anyway so I'm not at all surprised. But I'll go liasten to this "Meet Virginia" as well and see what you're talking about. :)
Both Meet Virginia and Drops of Jupiter are great songs. Meet Virginia was a hit before Drops of Jupiter. I think it was their first, but I'm not sure.

Oh yeah! Now I remember which song this is! Yeah this is amazing too.... I just didn't know that song was by Train.... Looks like Train has a lot more good songs that I thought.... Thanks for recommending it.