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An old I Love New York ad that Whoopie Goldberg narrated talking about "paint the town red white and blue" regis and kelly were in it various other famous people said "I love New York!!" its a sort of techno song... i've heard its possibly U2... any help is much appreciated!! THANKS!
does anyone know what band/orchestra plays that instrumental song in the i love new york commercial that aired after the sept. 11 attacks?
ok meant to ask about this awhile ago but never did not sure why

I have been coming to these forums for at least a year if not more

any the commerical is to promote new york as a vacation spot, Governer pataki is in it.

in the background there is a song but all you can really hear is I love new york, not sure if it is really a song though
I haven't seen any recent ads so I'm just guessing here but it sounds like it could be the same "I Love New York" that they used ages ago for marketing - the only sample I could find is very disco-ee :blink:

The official state song called "I Love New York" - which according to this http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/f...ns/elsmere.html is the same song that I remember (above) but there's a midi version near the bottom of this page that sounds NOTHING like it to me:
http://www.historybuff.com/states/ny.html EDIT: Holy cow, here's another midi - sounds NOTHING like EITHER of the above songs :banghead: http://www.50states.com/songs/newyork.htm

Or you could try contacting someone at The Official New York State Tourism Website:
thank you for the reply but none of those are it, the disco one's are close but I really do not like them

the first midi one sounded like haunted house music, the other one sounded like a new mix that could be played on Jeopardy when the contents play final jeopardy

I have played the madonna song b4 and well as you already know thats not it, and right now I am not sure how I feel about that song

anyway thank you again for trying to help me find it, I appreciate it
I know what you mean about the disco versions :p I really believe what you are looking for is the song written by Steve Karmen judging from the legal document I linked to, it's very well described - I don't know WHAT is up with those midi files (note head-banging smilie) :banghead: Unfortunately I haven't yet located a decent sample :annoyed:
ty again, but I could not find that steve karmen guy anywhere, infact besides that article it seems like he doesn't even exist

and the few things on the internet I found about him link him to the stupid midi version of the song, so yea idk if it really is him
So there is a new ad out for 2006 promoting New York state as a vacation destination. There are a bunch of different scenes (NYC, Lakes, Gorges, etc.)

I have no idea what the music is. There are no lyrics and I do not know where to go to figure it out.

Hopefully someone here might know.