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Does anyone know the background music used in the New York Life commercials? I've searched high and low, but it seems no-one has any information on it. The commercials are regularly shown on TNT and other various national networks. I can't say much about the music, but it features only strings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I've been wondering this same thing every since I first saw the commercials. If anybody can help out, I'd greatly appreciate it as well.

Thanks for posting the question, cam87513.
This may be old info, given its about an ad campaign from the end of 2002... but maybe the same ads are still running...

Anyway, the New York Life "Heritage" campaign ads and music can be seen/downloaded in the following link: NYL Heritage ads

Also, the following information is about the director and composer:
The "Heritage" commercials incorporate several elements from the previous Cityscape campaign: Gerard de Thame directed the commercials; the "Cityscape" music (originally composed by Carter Burwell) was retained and re-orchestrated; actress Ruby Dee provided the voiceovers; and the company's celebrated building was prominently featured throughout.

I don't know if this helps... but maybe. I haven't noticed the ads on TV, so I can't confirm which ones you're after.
This bank commercial I am thinking of is about a year old.

Seems like the commercial starts out with a little black girl and her dad pulling up in an old car. Then it shows time pass in snipets yet the people stay the same. I don't think the commercial ever turns to color.
It seems like at the end it puts the two pictures of the little girl (from the beg. of the commercial c. 1920) next to the picture of the same little girl c. 200?

There is just a narrator the whole time and I believe the music was purely intrumental possibly violin?

Oddly enough I think the name of the bank may have had Manhattan in the title or something about Life... but it aired in Houston TX

if it is a New York life Commercial the name of the song is Simple Gifts by Aaron Copeland