Question about BBC World News ad on PBS


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I'm looking for the name of the song that plays in a BBC World News promo I saw on a PBS channel. I have seen the commercial as recently as a few months ago, but I think it's been around for a few years. It shows a montage of various scenes from the news, and the voice-over mentions something about the war.

The song isn't "Natural Blues" by Moby, because I already looked that up and the two sound nothing alike. Also, it's too new. I have also heard this song on my local soft-rock station, which mainly plays 90s music. It's probably from the late 80s to mid 90s at the most.

The only lyrics I know from the song are "Hey, Hey Hey, Nobody," sung by a man. As you can probably imagine, that hasn't been much of a help with search engines. The song's beginning (which is used in the commercial) is electronic techno orchestra strings, sort of like The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" but lower-pitched with not as much movement. Then, a heavy drum section kicks in.

Oh, if only I can hum the song and use that to find it... but never mind that. Even the littlest hint would be greatly appreciated.
I know this reply is coming a little late, but I have the answer you're looking for. The song used is Moby's "Porcelain" from 1999.

I just saw the ad on my local PBS station, and like you, the song sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. I did remember playing it on my computer from long ago, and I scoured my MP3 archive and rediscovered it fairly quickly.

Cheers. :)