1. J

    Always San Francisco tourism

    Anyone know this song in the new "Always San Francisco" tourism commercial? It's very catchy. View:
  2. H

    Visit Las Vegas "Let Out the Vegas in You: Girls' Night"

    View: What is the same of the song in the commercial, Visit Las Vegas TV Spot, 'Let Out the Vegas in You: Girls' Night' Thank you!
  3. F

    Boise Idaho "Boise is Waiting" tourism video

    Does anyone know the name of the music from the TV Commercial?
  4. M

    Mexico Tourism Board "Vallarta, Nayarit"

    I know the music used for this spot was also recently used in another commercial. Anyone know? Thanks.
  5. B

    Las Vegas "You Coming?"

    anyone has any idea what song this is? Thanks!
  6. E

    Travel Alberta "Remember to Breathe"

    Hi everyone, As my inaugural post here, I'm wondering if anyone can help me track down the music from what seems to be the only Travel Alberta video that's not on the Travel Alberta YouTube channel: Thanks in advance! :D
  7. S Maui Hawaii tourism

    I am dying to find out WHO did this song? There is a longer version usually played on the Travel Channel. It's so beautiful!!!
  8. N

    Universal Orlando "Vacation Like You Mean It"

    I'm not sure if this is too obvious to be worth posting, but the "Vacation Like You Mean It" ads from Universal Studios Orlando feature "Ready To Go" by Panic! At The Disco (which also appears in the Yogi Bear movie). (iTunes)
  9. S

    Kangaroo Island "Let Yourself Go" South Australian tourism

    Hi there. Does anyone know the singer/band of the song played during the latest Ad for Kangaroo Island? Hope you can assist. many thanks
  10. B

    Come to Bahrain

    been trying to find out the title of this song for years!! anyone can help me?
  11. B

    Melbourne Australia tourism

    Does anyone know the name of the song featured in the Melbourne tourism ("Far, far from ordinary") ad, which airs frequently during ESPN2's coverage of the Australian Open? The commercial juxtaposes imagery of Melbourne in summer (e.g., kangaroo at vineyards, rooftop party, couple walking on...
  12. O

    Camp Vegas for Grownups

    There's a commercial for the city of Las Vegas, showing all the night life, etc., with a song playing in the background with the words, "Say Goodbye to my heart tonight". Does anybody know what song that is? Thanks in advance.
  13. L

    Visit Chattanooga

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song in this commercial? it airs every morning during The Today Show here in Atlanta.
  14. C

    Maine tourism

    I live in the NY Metro area. Recently, the state of Maine has been running one of those commercials inviting vacation goers to give their state a chance. The background music for the commercial is one of my favorite Sly & The Family Stone songs, "Hot Fun In The Summertime". I'm not much for...
  15. P

    so i was watching TV and this commercial popped up. Anyone know the piece of music used in it? Thanks oh, the video..
  16. D

    Scotland tourism

    Hiya.. does anybody know the song/singer in this new ad? Thanks :D
  17. B

    San Diego "Smile On"

    Its a catchy tune.... I am arguing with my friend. he thinks its a jingle. "smile, smile on my friend, find a happy place." any ideas?
  18. O

    Puerto Rico tourist commercial...kinda old

    I'm looking for the song i heard in a Puerto Rico tourism commercial a few years back, where the female narrator was describing somethings people do in PR such as jump in the ocean all at once or go to the rainforest and hear the coquis and the motto was "You're not're in puerto...
  19. S

    Anyone know the name of the song in the new commercial? Some of the the lyrics are: ladies in the house, ladies in the pool, fellas in the crib. After a lady talks and is being levitated by a magician, the lyrics say everybody freak everyone you meet.
  20. J

    Visit Florida "Shine"

    I just heard a great song in a visit Florida commercial. The song was something about "shine". Any ideas???