1. A

    Korea Sparkling

    Does anyone here know the song in the korea sparkling 2008 campaign commercial?
  2. J

    Ontario Travel

    There are 2 new commercials for Ontario Travel. One has a male singer and the other one a female. The main phrases for the song are " There's no place like this" I think . Does anyone know what the song is and who sings it. ??? I know not much to go on but will try to get more info later...
  3. C

    Melbourne Australia tourism

    I was just wondering if anybody knows what song is played in the recent That's Melbourne ad? It is the one with the (literal) giant guiding a man around Melbourne, there is also a fish in the NGV. It is a piano solo, I've been told that it is by Tchaikovsky (Waltz in Eb) but I can't find that...
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    St. Croix Virgin Islands

    There's a song that plays during a St Croix Commercial, it's a really cool vibe, really Jazzy type of song. I read somewhere that it is by Kaitence O'lander but a quick google search of that name returns nothing. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I tried to find the commercial on the internet...
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    Daytona Beach Tourism Ad on Global

    I'm looking for the song title and artist info for a song in a tourism ad for Daytona Beach... it's being aired in Ontario, Canada on Global Television. The commercial is basically a montage of different clips of folks on the beach, a light house, etc. The music is very layered, and the few...
  6. K

    Dominican Republic

    Did anyone see this? It's a tourist commercial for the DM and there is some nice nouveau flamenco guitar in there. Anyone recognize it?
  7. S

    Georgia Tourism

    There is a tourism ad for Georgia that features a choir singing "Georgia on my mind". Does anyone know which choir or where I can get a copy of this version? I have downloaded every version Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Michael Bolton, and Etta James ever did. Thank for any help or suggestions...
  8. C

    Puerto Rico Commercial

    Does anyone know what the song is on the "GoToPuertoRico" Commercial? It has an acoustic guitar playing over a beat. I saw it on ABC.
  9. N

    Jamaica tourism "One Love"

    Thanks Tasmin for the Lowe's music. I got the CD and love it. I have a difficult one. This is an old commercial from I think before adtunes. It was either a Jamaica getaway commercial or airlines commercial with drum beats and a bunch of colorful high rise bungalows as the ending scene. I know...
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    Virginia tourism "Virginia Is for Lovers"

    Does anyone know thw song that is played in the "Meet Virginia" commerical? The commercial is advertisement for Virginia Tourism, that showed different places in Virginia. The commercial was shown from '03 to '04. The song: - No, its not "Meet Virginia" by Train - Its a female singing -...
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    Discover Ireland

    I'm sorry if someone else posted this. I didn't see anything. I'm wondering if anyone knows the music used in the Irish travel commercial. The song is celtic and starts slow with voice, but then speeds up into a dance type of melody. It's very cool and I'm just wondering what it...
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    Travel Texas tourism

    Hi all, I'm desparately looking for a song used in the new Texas tourism ad. This ad started sometime in late March 2005, or early April 2005. The singer is female and sounds practically identical to Nora Jones. The commercial is of a person (not seen I think, a "POV" camera angle) driving...
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    Alaska tourism

    I'm looking for the song by a female singer; the song was on one of those tourist commercials for the states - this time, it was Alaska. The lyrics include something like '..see if you can't find me..' and at the end, ' Alaska.' Help? e.e
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    I Love New York

    An old I Love New York ad that Whoopie Goldberg narrated talking about "paint the town red white and blue" regis and kelly were in it various other famous people said "I love New York!!" its a sort of techno song... i've heard its possibly U2... any help is much appreciated!! THANKS!
  15. H

    Canada Ad.

    I know very little about the ad - only that it's about ten years old and it's for Canadian tourism - my boss is looking to use it in a radio programme, and this is all the info I have - help?!?