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Hi all,

I'm desparately looking for a song used in the new Texas tourism ad. This ad started sometime in late March 2005, or early April 2005.

The singer is female and sounds practically identical to Nora Jones.

The commercial is of a person (not seen I think, a "POV" camera angle) driving thru the vast Texas landscapes. You see a lot of poetic and ambient lighting, i.e. sunrises and sunsets and so on. A very romantic commercial--no dusty cowboys nor cows in sight.

Here is a partial lyric, but I'm not sure it is correct in terms of word order, I'm only sure of it's words only.

:whistle: : "...between the ... and the stars..."

(I'll try to record the ad and get the lyrics down more accurately, in which case, I'll post it.)

Though mostly serene in outlook, the song is a bit melancholy.

Is it Nora Jones? :confused:

Please, I really need the title of this song. Thanks. :peace:
The singer also sounds like Katie Melua too, who sings "Closest Thing To Crazy".

Katie Melua & Nora Jones are at times indistinguishable, but Jone's singing persona is "older" and Melua's is that of a very young woman, even though they are probably the same age.
Don't have much to add, but I've got a few of the lyrics. I had to write it down pretty quickly, so they might not be 100% correct...

"...waiting for a time you take me to a place between the stars..."
"I wanna watch the sun fade into tomorrow..."

I tried looking it up on Google, but didn't find anything...
Two more versions of the TravelTex ads were running just this morning on the Travel Channel. One had this exact song and I managed to record the whole commercial. HA! Anyhoo, here are the lyrics I figured out:

"I don't want to try to force my way--away from you.
I wanna watch the sun fade into tomorrow.
And you were waiting in the [wings]--I see it now.
Waiting for a time to take me to place between the stars."

Note: "wings" might actually be "weeds."

The artist might be anyone of these female vocalists or someone similar: Dido, Michelle Lewis, Beth Orton, Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Sarah MacLachlan.
Aimee Mann, Tracy Bonham, etc. But she seems most similar to Nora Jones.

Please, please, help me. I NEED this song.

I'm so desparate to get this romantic, ambient & supremely serene song. I swear to God, if I don't get it soon, I'll kill someone!

I will not be ignored! ;)

P.S. The other commercial had a different song. It was okay and sounded similar, but nowhere near as good. However, I wonder if it is the same artist? Anyhoo, I'll be doing many lyrics searches.

You rock like no other. I owe you--BIG TIME. :eek:k: You're the king. :king:

I swear to God I scoured that traveltex website from end to end for about maybe two hours. Man, I feel like a stupid smurf. :smurf:

:duh: :duh: :duh:

However, I actually did put in a call to them back in January of this year and specifically requested that they post the artist's name. The guy at the call center actually suggested that I contact the people who did the commercials directly.

I dunno... <_<

I thought I would never get the artists/title of this song. I spent about maybe 4-5 hours on Amazon & Barnes&Noble searching via "Similar Artists" links they post there. I even thought that coming back to this thread would be another wast of 5 minutes...

Anyhoo, thanx a gazillion.

P.S. I've got the snippet of this song I downloaded from traveltex on an "infinite" loop right now and I'm sitting on cloud 9. This is me listening blissfully: :p :p :p
Now wait just a gosh darn cotton pickin' minute... On her website it purports in the "brief bio" section that she was working on an album slated to be released by summer of 2005!!!!

"She has begun work on her first CD with a planned release in 2005

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we now in the late Winter of 2006?!? :unsure: O no! Is she ever gonna finish it? :angry:

O, woe is me. :confused:

P.S. I just check Barnes&Noble and Amazon and came up nill. If anyone knows where it can be downloaded, i.e. like ITunes, Napster, and the like, please let us know.
Na_Pali ...

I went to Emily Gimble's website too, saw what you saw about a CD being released ...
However, I saw that it would be with other people (namely her family) ... not a solo project ...

Then I went a-Googling ...

Found something ...

The CD ...

Johnny, Dick, & Emily Gimble - A Case of The Gimbles

Here's a review about it ...
Source page
Johnny, Dick & Emily Gimble: "A Case of the Gimbles"

On the leadoff track, a cover of Floyd Tillman's "I'll Keep On Loving You," fiddler Johnny Gimble reminds everyone that he used to play with Bob Wills, calling out players' solos, using chatter as a signature instrument of Western swing. Then comes the steamroller blues of "Trouble In Mind," followed by the fiddle workout "One Time Charlie's Railroad Blues." Just another day in picker's paradise, one more roadmap to the roots.

But then the album leaps into the present with Emily Gimble's gorgeous, poignant take on "Be Mine," a Kimmie Rhodes ballad. The 20-year-old from Waco also rekindles Harvey Young's "Old Fashioned Feeling" in a Norah Jones kind of way, then feeds off Mitch Watkins' twilight guitar on "Was," the Mose Allison tune. Her swing vocals are just so-so, but when she tackles something elastic like the Ella-esque "My Baby Just Cares For Me," Emily Gimble snaps into gear.

"A Case of the Gimbles" is a jazz vocal record masquerading as Western swing, as Emily Gimble displays the ability to bounce around a melody, swooping in for emphasis and spinning off into vocal flights with a confidence she would seem too young to assume. Or maybe it's her youth, her untethered naïveté, that persuades her to approach Billie Holiday's phrasing on the hidden track "Blues In the Night."

She is Johnny Gimble's granddaughter (and bassist Dick Gimble's daughter), so maybe she's moved by genetic instincts. At any rate, Emily Gimble's a new singing talent who seems to get better, warmer as the record progresses. This record proves that her show-stealing performance of "You Don't Know Me" at the Cindy Walker Tribute at the Paramount last year was no fluke.
— Michael Corcoran

Better yet, I found where it can be purchased ...
Buy the CD here

There you go.

Thanks. You're the champ! :king:

I can't believe that her own website didn't bother to mention it. <_<
Guess what?

I don't think the song I want is on there!

The Texas Tourism link calls the mp3 snippet they provide of the song "Emily Gimble - Sunset".

And the following are the titles on album "A Case of The Gimbles":

One Time Charlie's Railroad Blues
Blue Skies
My Baby Just Cares for Me
Trouble in Mind
Headin' for the Barn
Waltzin' the Blues
I'll Keep On Lovin' You
Old Fashioned Love
Our Love Is Here to Stay
Old Fashioned Feeling
Be Mine
Love Me or Leave Me


Many of these are obviously their renditions of jazz classics. I'll probably get it anyway, but I don't think it is on there.

Thus, if anyone know for certain, where to get it, like Itunes or anyplace else, please, do tell.

Gee, so close and yet so far away! :annoyed:

P.S. I like her other song provided by the TravelTex link too. Not to mention that third song by the different female artist.
I just seen a commercial with a beautiful song sung by a woman. The commercial was for Travel Texas, it was on Discovery Channel during Mythbusters (the exploding lava lamp episode). I didn't catch any lyrics of course, I have a horrible memory.
Lyrics were something like " and I can see it now.... you were waiting ...." Reallly soft folksong...
The commercial is on the temerlin mcclain adversiting website ( just click on "Work" and you'll be able to see the Texas Tourism ( commecial plus others. Hope someone can get the song info.
Found it!!! I ran a seach on google (put part of the lyrics), and this was answered on this site like a year ago.

Emily Gimble - Sunset

Run a search on google ("Emily Gimble - Sunset.mp3") and you'll find an MP3 file on the Travel Tex site (can't post link).
Hey thanks, I had no idea someone else was looking for this song. I tried the search feature but it either turned up nothing or gave me errors. I so love this song.
Hey, after reading all the commentary about looking for the songs and where to buy, etc., I followed some of the links, and well...a majority of them are expired. AND it doesn't come up in iTunes. SOOOOO...I Googled it too...

Here's a new link:
TravelTex can download the song in mp3 format from their site. If you already knew, sorry for repeating. If you didn't, well, there you go!


There is nothing new on their site about it...
They still have the previous commercials' music up!!

What are they using now ? - male vocal w/guitar


I am still seeing an ad with a female vocal but I can't find it on the TravelTex website and I don't think it was one of the ones mentioned earlier on this thread because it is more recent, but I caught a few of the lyrics --

Summer days .... got me? ... your smile (caught me there?) or blah blah ... for a moment, I'm free

It sounds very much like another song by Emily Gimble but I can't find the title.