Hummer H2



Just saw this one last night. It's a commercial for Hummer H2. i was too busy getting a pen to write this down with so I missed most of the actual details, but it has a camping motif. And the song in the back ground sems to have (my handwriting is sooo bad even I can't read it) the lyrics of "gotta find a way back home" Any ideas?
:unsure: Looking for the title and artist info for the background music (very soft) in this ad that shows the Hummer2 going across what looks to be the Arizona desert...then there are young school kids and I guess a teacher and they are using candles, and melting wax and some kind of material to make hot air ballons that they send up in the night....very pretty soft music...well to me anyhow :p
Does anyone know the name of the song in the Hummer ad where the people are out camping and they make these lanterns with candles in them and let them float up into the sky?? I hate Hummers but love the song.