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new hummer commercial

can anyone please tell me what song is played during the new hummer commercial with the woman driving a yellow hummer and constantly looking in the rearview thx
it's driving me crazy :?
the song is electronic and has a really great base line.

Michelle you rock. Good researching, I love that song in the new hummer commercial.


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New H2 Commerical aired tonight during CSI Miami. I've heard the song before, in fact I think I own it, but I'm having a brain block.:wacko: Any one else recognize it? It's definitly Techno and at the end it's got this woman kind of humming.
That one's actually been answered before.. it's called "Nothing is Wrong" by FC/Kahuna. Here's a link the Hummer website.. they changed it around and there's no straight link to the commercial, but you can enter the website and navigate fairly easily, just click on Hummer World and you should have TV Commercials come up as an option. Hummer is good about listing the artists/titles of their ad music. :)
Duhh!! Thanks. I knew I remembered it, I own the albulm. Thanks again.

By the way, I like your avatar. I remember my friend told me he's some kind of Japanese TV station mascot kind of like the NBC Peacock. What's his name?
Yeah he is.. some kinda mascot dealie.. Domo-kun, I think his name is..
I just get a kick out of the full picture.. had to crop it though. :)
Check out this Domo-kun site Michelle showed me a while back, it's got some cute pictures and stuff. ;)
Rawk!! I may just have to get me some of the cliche kitty thongs.. lol
Hi there, i liked this ad so much when its first aired in 2002 i even recorded it and now i found this site so may be someone could help me with it.

There are YELLOW H2, empty streets and a cute girl ridin her H2. And there are some hot techno beat. Damn i need it. even did a remake of this AD(funny one of course) but they used the same music u could hear it on their site in VIDEOS.

please help me, im looking for this song for 3 years.

PS, dont send me to there are no such ad, the oldest there is 2003
Three years?!?

It took me three minutes.

Band: FC/Kahuna
Song: Nothing is Wrong
Album: Machine Says Yes