Honda "Power of Dreams"


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Honda "Power of Dreams"

Has anyone seen the Honda "Power of Dreams" Commercial where Honda highlights its various championships through the years? The commercial is accompanied by a voice-over of Honda's company vision and an instrumental.

Does anyone know what the instrumental is?
Also looking for this great music...very inspirational...
kept seeing this commercial during monday night football tonight... that is really beautiful music... anyone know it???

I've been checking in, also, to see if anyone knows how to track down the name/artists of this instrumental. It's beautiful and hypnotic. Anyone?
The commercial is shot in the Honda Research Center Facility. It is narrated by Richard Dryfuss and he says "the real world safety research we do here at Honda Safety Research center enables us to design products that provide exceptional protection for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, because what we learn in here, makes a difference out there. The commercial ends with a Honda logo and underneath the logo it says "The power of dreams". The song sounds like a hypnotic classical guitar. Anyone? I really want to know as much as you guys I just thought I add a few more details of the commercial. Thanks.
Has this commercial aired recently? It sounds cool and I have never seen it. Thanks :p
This particular Honda ad sponsers a show on G4TechTV called "The Screen Savers" and its on just about every commercial break while the show is on every weekday.
My husband and I just heard it and thought it sounded like hammered dulcimer (instrument) instead of guitar. Hope that helps I'd love to know what the piece is.


Just thought I'd bump this as I've been looking around forever and still no luck. Maybe someone new knows something.
I've spent hours and hours looking around the internet with no luck. Maybe someone else had more success than me though.
I tried looking for the commercial, but the only site i've found requires payment to view :(

Im guessing this is the one you've all been talking about. I'm looking for it too, but to no avail on the music or the commerical

that one you linked isn't the one I wanted, but the one I did want was on there:

I don't care about the small donation, definitely worth it to finally find it somewhere. thanks again!
If I had to guess I'd say it's one of those tracks made specifically for the commercial. There are no lyrics, just music. I'm not even sure if this is the one anyone else on this thread was looking for.

Oh and I can't find a way to save the file from the site. It plays in quicktime, if anyone knows a way I'd love to know.
View the source code of the website to find out what the url of the quicktime movie is. Then get the program Download Accelerator and plug that file url into the program. It will grab it and download it onto your pc, from which you can upload it to the Putfile site.
Okay guys did what you said and here it is:

Maybe there's someone else out there who wanted it as much as me, or maybe someone will see it for the first time and like it just as much. I'm sure everyone knows that sometimes certain music really hits a frequency with you, and does more for you than make a sound, and that's what this commercial does for me. But not just the music, the whole commercial, and the message it's getting across.

Anyway, thanks again. Took me like a couple years to find but I finally did. Bye!