Honda "Power of Dreams" Asimo


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Honda "Power of Dreams" Asimo

anybody here who knows that song in the honda asimo ad that goes "nananana, nananana nanana nananana" ? (like that could help :p ) it's been stuck in my head for some time now. help!
Can you describe the music? Did it sound like a pop song, rock song, etc. Did it have male/female vocals? Anything else you can remember about the song or the commercial?
i know it's not pop. novelty music, i guess. it's just a bunch of guys singing "nananana nanananana...". this while asimo's in the train station.

male vocals.
is there any place on line you can see the commercial? i'm not familiar with it, i've only seen the one from a year or so ago where he gets the newspaper in the driveway. i LOVE asimo though, so i wanna see this new one!

without seeing the ad i would venture a guess that it might be "mah na mah na" by piero umiliani (a variation was performed on the original muppet show, but the original version was actually from a swedish porno movie in the 60s!)
Originally posted by Tamsin@Oct 31 2004, 09:19 PM
The only nana song I can think of is "Na Na Na,Hey,Hey,Kiss Him Goodbye"by Steam,but I can't find a clip for it.

Just found a clip.

track 6
thanks tamsin.
but it's not na na na hey hey. maybe the song was made solely for the asimo ad. i don't know.
anywho, the asimo nananana song is now out of my head. only problem is na na na hey hey took its place.
I think I know what song you're talking about...Its rock if I remember correctly. I remember it from an old movie called "Fern Gully" that I used to watch when I was like 3 or 4...Damnit I can't put a finger on the name of the song.

Try researching Fern Gully's sountrack.
wow, fern gully...that takes me back. :D

anyway, amazon ( ) shows a track listing for the soundtrack and sound clips, and though there is decidedly no "na na na"-ing in the clip they have I think "Land of a Thousand Dances" is the song you're thinking of. Here's a clip of a version by Ted Nugent on iTunes that has a good example of the "na na na"-ing from the song. (link will take you to that page in the itunes store in the itunes app)

again, i have no idea if this is the song in the asimo as since i have never seen it! (what channels do you typically see it on, spiderbetty?) but i am pretty sure this is the song Gill was talking about from Fern Gully at least, so maybe this will help!
Yep, that's the song...The only thing is that I remember a different voice singing it in the movie.

Damnit lol...Now I have an impulse to rent Fern Gully. I remember watching that movie over and over and over. :)
hey everybody! i 've just heard the jingle again. honda's using it on another car ad. and I AM VERY VERY VERY SORRY. it's not nananana. it's shalalala lalalalala... and the song is in japanese. im so sorry that i confused everybody. anyway, thanks. you guys are very helpful. i love adtunes!

I want to know the name ofa honda commerical that cam in 2004. The ad was from the Power of Dreams campaign. The ad shows a silver honda car coming out of a dirt road to a tar road skidding , with the song in background . the song sounds like a french or italian goes like "sha la la la sha la" .

The same song also appears in another honda ad in which they show bikes doing what in bikes do in extreme sports and in the end a kid comes on a bicycle and
tries to do the same.

Can anyone give a link to what the song is about
Im looking for the same song! cant get that song off my head...

its a silver honda s2000 drifting left and right...the song goes sha na na na..sha na na naa

another ad is a group of little kids on a dirt bike starting line..where their dads holding the back of the kids' dirt bikes..same song..the slogan is "Do you Have a challenging spirit"

someone help us name that song!!! :D

thanks in advance
Could it be "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy? That song was used in an ad for Royal Carribean though.. maybe it was also in a car ad.

Anyway, audio sample here. Available as a free download from Amazon, through that link... although it may be a remix of the song, I don't remember.
Hmm... I dug some more in the archives and found this old thread. They suggest a song called "Java" by Andrea Pop. Maybe that's what you're looking for instead. :unsure:
i've been looking for that song since ever. they used it also in an asimo ad.
It's a Japanese song called 'Messenger from Sunday' by THE HIGH-LOWS.

Listen to a sample here (Track 1).

To view all the Honda commercials that use this track, visit this webpage.
that's it! messenger from sunday. cool!

that song was what got me here in adtunes. thanks, sophist!
The title of the track in Japanese is 日曜日よりの使者 or 'Nichiyobi yori no Shisha'.

A CD single is available from