Honda Odyssey


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I saw the commercial and got the song stuck,lol it shows vans how they have changed over the years, i believe a part of the lyrics was hold on hold on tight, it sai something about families born in vans ? grrr they wont replay the commercial now, i been waiting all night. does anyone have any info ?
does anyone know the rock song played in that honda odyssey 'respect the van' features a montage of old vans of the 1970s
Hi, just saw a commercial for the new honda odyssey, it went through some scenes of interiors of old vans with paintings, pimped out for their time I guess. A guitar part was going in the background, then it cuts to scenes of their new odyssey model and some lyrics to a song that I couldn't quite make out. If anyone else has seen this i would appreciate help identifying the artist and song title.
Hi, Does anyone know the name of the song they used for the Honda Odessy commercial. I saw it on tv sat nite.

please help.

lyssa ;)