Honda Odyssey 80s versions of drivers


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I just saw the greatest commercial and figured I'd post the song since I hadn't seen anyone else do so yet. OK, so it's the one for Honda Odyssey minivan where this 37-year-old woman is walking down the street and her 17-year-old self pops out of no where complete with big 80's hair and sweatband and berates her for driving a mini van ("We were going to be famous and travel the world! We were going to marry a hockey player! And what is up with that HAIR?"). Then the younger one sees that she married a hottie and she's like "Oh ok then" and makes kissy faces at him. Really cute.
So anyway in case anyone is wondering, the song is "Situation" (I've sometimes seen it titled "Situation (Move Out)") by the band Yaz. And.. bonus information.. if you remember that female laugh sampled in the uber annoying song "Macarena" a few years back.. that came from the same song. :)
Hi dascoot,

there are 2 versions of this commercial (both has the same theme), you don't happend to know the name of the tune in the other one?

Hmm.. haven't seen the other one yet.. but if it's an 80's song I'm sure I'll know it when I see it.
Yes, it's an 80's song, and I have the name on the tip of my tounge. It's driving me crazy... :D
Would really appreciate if you could help me with the name...
Good find, and thanks for posting it. I still haven't seen it though.. :(
I just recently saw a brand new car commercial, could it have been the Saturn Ion?, in which this older 50's woman is walking down the street-each step she takes she gets younger. She passes by a teenage girl who has her age(17) edited in, and is being advertised below her. all this leads these people to the car. There's this old skool techno track playing in the background that I've been trying to get my hands on for my dance collection for years. I first heard this track back in the early 80's(84-86). Please help.
I knew this question had been asked... but wasn't searching for the right thing! doh! :eek:
Has anyone seen those new mini-van commercials (not sure the mfr) where
the people see and talk to themselves as they were in the 80's?

There is 80's synthesizer music in the background.
Anybody have a clue about it?

This is buggin me!

There seems to be two versions of this ad (for the Honda Odyssey), as previously discussed -- same scene, two different tunes. Both by the group Yaz. One version is "Don't Go" and the other is "Situation." You can find both on the "Best of" album by Yaz.

I've yet to see the ad(s). (Thanks to Dascoot and Andreas for being smart enough to know the above info! ;)
i wanted to know the song playing on the new odyssey commercial.........the one the guy from the 80's and he knocks on the door of some guy and tells him to come out for something and then they walk outside and the guys wife is in the odyssey with the remote door and the 80's guy says cool or something...........all i know is that it was an 80''s song........thanks
it was a different commercial i think, but the song was right ........dont go--yaz.......thanks!

I think one of the songs sounded like AtomicTeam music. Is this
the same song or am I just nuts? The commercial showed a married woman, carrying stuff, walking down on the store sidewalk. Her friend came up, in 80s clothing, to chit chat. Then, the married woman (not in 80s outfit) went to her husband's van. The 80s woman flirted with the husband. I forget what the dialogs were since I only saw the commercial once.

I am trying to find out who made this song and if it is exists on CD audio beside MOD version. Thank you in advance. :)
Here's your answer.
You can get the Yaz cd here, which I think has the original version of "Situation"..
Originally posted by dascoot@Jan 14 2004, 01:37 AM
Here's your answer.
You can get the Yaz cd here, which I think has the original version of "Situation"..
dascoot: Thanks!

I think it is actually Don't Go by Yaz after listening to a sampler on
Well, actually "Don't Go" is the one where the guy and his 18 year old counterpart are at his house when his hottie wife comes home. The one you described is "Situation (Move Out)". At least, those are the ones I saw..
:p the song in the tv ad for hyundai is called in my room by the beach boys hope this helps you find what you are looking for