Levi's "Colors" commercial


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I've recently come across an old Levi's commercial starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and I really liked the song playing in it. I was wondering if anyone knows the tune. It was for "Levi's colors cut in the 60's" and had her walking down a street in a pair of tight pink jeans and a tight white top she goes through a cafe and comes out of a diner then stops and kisses a guy. I know the lyrics if that may help anyone just getting the song in case you don't know the commercial i'm talking about. Here they are:

There's a girl
Seen her walking down the street, many times
so i've gotta make her mine

Gotta make her mine
whoa whoa
so i'm gonna make her mine
Gotta make her mine
whoa whoa

The commercial is at www.joes.com
Well I found a vid on You tube here
it's a Levi's Colors commercial with Jennifer Love Hewitt the end ad goes CUT IN THE 60'S I figure the song is from that era but I have NO freakin clue what it is and I guess nobody has written about it recently either bc I've tried looking up and down averywhere and I can't find it (even on here lol!) Anybody have a clue or guess what the title is or who wrote/performed the song?
Well, the guy who posted it says the song is "Make Her Mine" by Hipster Image. :p