Grim Fandango


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OK everybody knows Grim Fandango (one of, if not THE, greatest adventure games every created) and everyone knows that it had a kick-ass soundtrack.

There's the normal 32 track soundtrack which everybody has, but there seems to be another 2 disc compilation that actually has all the music in the game (since the 32 track one obvioulsy missed out a lot).

Does anybody have a track listing for this or have any idea where to get it? Or even if really exists? I'm pretty sure I rememember reading about it or seeing it somewhere...

a track listing would be ideal...
There is an official OST (the 32 tracks one) and a game rip (185 tracks) .. too bad my DVD drive is gone for repairs so i cant give u the track list coz the game rip is on my CD .. but a google search should find u something .. it did find for me ;)
hmmm google didn't help much in terms of finding a track listing...

but i did find SCUMMVM again! I can't believe i had totally forgotten about that!