GMC "Ideas" landing in field


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I was watching vh1 on June 29 at around 7 pm or so. One of the commercials was a GMC commercial with parts of cars flying through the air and landing on a field in a lump. You find out later that the parts of cars are actually designer ideas that the engineer thought of but threw out. During the commercial, a technoish type song is played and has no lyrics that I remember. Anyone know the name of this song?
Damn... we need the artist/title of this song. I would swear to it... well, almost, but I'm not that certain... take that same soundtrack and add a fun little buzzing sound towards the middle/end of the commercial, and I think you have the SAME song that was used in the old Airforce commercial where it starts out as a kid flying a an airplane. I asked the airforce about that one, and they claimed it was all original and uncopyable stuff. This commercial proves that this is not the case and they're just too lazy to look it up. Well, this commercial would prove that if I knew the artist/title and could verify it was the same tune.
Well, it's not that difficult to reproduce with even my cheesy gear, so it's possible it's original. But you know how it goes - there's just some times when the processing sounds a little too high quality to be a for-the-ad original. This one sniffs a little of that.

My leads are dead, btw. I fired of a mail off to GMC the same day of my post earlier, but I've not recieved a response yet. <_<
I contacted GMC, they too have claimed ownership of the song, saying it's only as long as the commercial, is untitled, and is not for sale. I'd swear it was the same song. I'd swear this is the same guy who e-mailed me back about the Air Force commercial. You people need to learn to use your stinking websites and mp3 encoders.

Does anyone know the song in the GMC commerical of the one where the the parts start flying into the field and then shows the designer?
yes... we are referring to the ad where the car parts fall in an open field. See above for full description of the original ad.

So far no luck on finding the music. :(
There's a new GMC commerical that starts out with cars crashing from the sky in an open field. The music is very minimalist but towards the end opens up into a nice synthetic beat. The cars in the field were symbolic of a guy throwing out bad car ideas on paper. Anyone know what this is?


this ad starts out with a soothing little melody and a bunch of car parts flyin into a green field. Continuein on the part diversify and eventually lead to a sence of an guy at a desk throwin away his sketches for the car( forget maker and model). lastly show him throwin one more piece of paper and goes back to the grass fields with that would-hbe part bein trashed. good music thru-out, any one know what it is.
It's for GM and reportedly made for the ad though some around the net insist they've heard it before. :unsure:
One just gorgeous little detail that just makes the concept - the general shape and motion of the final chunk of metal are the same as the respective scrap of paper. Lovely work.

I contacted GMC and they said they have no plans to offer the commercials on their site.
I love this music too; can't get it out of my head.

Anyone know who does the voiceover? I'm thinking Ray Liotta but I'm not sure. . .
The commercial begins with junked cars mysteriously falling from the sky into the desert, and then moves onto a man designing a GMC professional grade truck or something and tossing the reject plans to the floor. The music is a synth piano, I'd like to know what it is. Thanks.
Can anyone tell me the name and artist of the song played in the new GMC trucks commercial? The commercial is of a field where junk cars are landing. Turns out that a designer is throwing out bad ideas and all the bad ideas are the cars that are being hurled into the open field. The music is very haunting and it is mostly a piano being played. Anyone? Thanks!
I have no idea what this music is called, but I am pretty curious to find out what it is. It's the commercial that talks about the 3 classes of "ideas" there are and which ones go into a GMC, blah blah blah... yeah so help a sister out here.

What is the msic playing in that GMC ad with the wrecked cars flying through the air?

In fact, even just the chords to it would work well too.
I've reproduced the song myself by splicing the intact chords of it and adding acoustic drums and synthetic bells and strings of my own. The hardest chord to find was the last one in the sequence; if you play the ad you'll notice there's always a crash right in the middle of it every time. But I managed to splice it together, and hopefully it will come out OK. I'll post it here once I'm finished.
I'm extremely impressed. The pause about 3/4 of the way through is a teensy bit too long, and the tune is so catchy that I wish it was longer, but you worked with what you had and it came out very well. Good job.
I found a site, which I cannot recall now that listed the audio design company for the "Ideas" commercial as Human, NYC. Didn't find the track on their website, but I emailed them about it and haven't heard anything yet. I love that song--why can't GMC just publish the darn thing??
IT's the commercial with the car flying from the air and crushing into the ground. It sounds like a piano tune in the beginning.
I think I have the answer. If this isn't it, it's close enough for a lawsuit. The short piano melody is probably the intro to Skin's song "Trashed". The only reason I am familiar with this tune is that I was touring Europe last summer and the song was a minor hit, getting some play on the music video channels. It's a very catchy tune and the album is quite mellow.