1. S

    2012 GMC Terrain

    Just a pre-emptive post because I'm sure the new GMC Terrain commercial will be asked about. I just saw it for the first time tonight (2/6/12). The commercial has four people doing a high-tech scavenger hunt using the technology features of the new GMC Terrain (OnStar, video, USB input, etc.)...
  2. S

    2011 GMC Acadia

    Does anyone know the name of the tune and artist in the 2011 GMC Acadia commercials?
  3. 8

    2011 GMC Sierra "Commitment"

    Please help settle a bet! Is the commercial music the Goo Goo Dolls ("I Just Want You to Know Who I Am") or Collective Soul ("The World I Know")? Regardless, the music is so similar, whichever was first would certainly have grounds for copyright infringement!!! ;)
  4. N

    GMC Chevy Buick Certified Service

    There is some song that was instrumental, didn't have any lyrics but maybe the real song does but it was featured in the new GMC, Buick, Chevy commercial titled Certified Service. I guess its a commercial about having a service for their line of cars.
  5. K

    2011 GMC Sierra HD

    anybody know this song?
  6. T

    2010 GMC Terrain

    Hi all, looking for the song from this version of the GMC Terrain commercial (NOT the song by the ponys)
  7. Q

    2010 GMC Terrain

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the new (feb '10) commercial for the GMC terrain? It isn't the one by the Pony's... Thanks.
  8. C

    GMC Music Terrain Music that is playing after the page loads..its a flash header I think its also been used in some GMC commercial.. please help
  9. D

    2010 GMC Terrain

    It's driving me nuts that I can not figure out the artist/name of this song when I've heard it plenty times before. Please help :unsure:
  10. justinother2001

    GMC "Our Resume"

    Im sure it is production music, but those breakthroughs have been made. Im trying to find the song in this commercial!
  11. G

    GMC Buick

    It's a GMC/Buick commercial, and the only clue I have is the last line: "The point is, more fuel, less pumping" Anyone know the song that plays in this commercial?
  12. F

    Song in New GMC Commercial

    It's the one where the Truck is breaking throught barriers symbolizing how GMC have broken barriers in truck development.
  13. M

    GMC Sierra Summer Selldown

    I am pretty sure it's just commercially-made for a commercial kind of music, but I'd like to know if it is not. In the new 07 GMC Sierra commercials (think "Professional Grade"), they play some nice background music that could be cool if it were to a real song - don't know if it is though.
  14. I

    GMC Sierra

    I think its rock music, but I liked the music, what's the name of the song?
  15. A

    2007 GMC Yukon

    GMC Yukon 2007 Commercial Generic car commercial, ending with the Yukon driving into a garage and "We are professional grade" with a shiny GMC logo. What is the music? It sounds exactly like a song from Final Fantasy VII.
  16. S


    Hi, new guy here! I was wondering about the song they use curently (trucks) It's like a guitar/synth riff, 70 prog style? Any info?
  17. P

    GMC truck assembly line

    I saw this commercial for GMC trucks where the are showing trucks rolling down an assembly line and talking about how they don't know how their trucks will be used so they make them good enough for anything. The music is this really funky song that I must find the name of. Please Help!
  18. M

    GMC "Ideas" landing in field

    I was watching vh1 on June 29 at around 7 pm or so. One of the commercials was a GMC commercial with parts of cars flying through the air and landing on a field in a lump. You find out later that the parts of cars are actually designer ideas that the engineer thought of but threw out. During...
  19. Z

    GMC truck

    Who plays that song "Keep on truckin baby" on the current GMC truck ads?