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I saw this commercial for GMC trucks where the are showing trucks rolling down an assembly line and talking about how they don't know how their trucks will be used so they make them good enough for anything. The music is this really funky song that I must find the name of. Please Help!
I too wanted to know who sang this! While looking on the net, I found your entry, making it all that more nagging in my head. You know, it's just playing over and over, driving you to spend hours on the net looking for the answer! So I went on a mission and discovered this great site along the way. With my quest complete, I have returned and registered to the site to give you the answer!

I first thought it sounded like Jose Feliciano. But he never did anything funky like this. Then I remembered that this was a song used in the soundtrack for Any Given Sunday. Found the album online, but the song wasn't on it! Could my vast library of useless knowledge possibly be wrong? Can't be...

I continued to dig. I even contemplated going and getting the DVD. But I finally found it! The song list from the movie of every bit of music used included the bits that didn't get included on the soundtrack. The Internet is a wonderful, powerful thing!!!

So here it is. The singer who also sang "Lean On Me" and "Ain't No Sunshine", Bill Withers with the slow-tempo, growling funky song "Use Me"!!! There's your answer and hopefully you'll go out to enjoy the whole song and stop the cm from driving you nuts!
Awesome. I just started Google searching this commercial and boom heres the answer. Good job, and thanks. I also looked at the Any Given Sunday soundtrack and was pissed cuz I knew that song was on there.
ok my dad had said he saw a GMC spot for a truck with a song that has the words "use me" in it...he asked me to find the song to it, anyone have any ideas on what the song is called or who it is by???
Song lyric "go on and use me up". Song used in GMC truck commercial. I have heard the song also in a old pringles ad. It is kind of a funk blues type of song. Any info would be great.
Thank you, I am new and have had that song in my head for about four months. You are a big help.
Not a problem! B)

I can't really take the credit however ... the collective good folks of forums deserve all the big props!!! :woo:

OK ... I hear a song clip on a GMC Truck Commercial that sounds like Van Morrison, but, I cannot seem to find it. It has some lyrics that say "you use me ... you use me up ... " with a great beat. I also once heard it on Any Given Sunday when Jamie Fox was running drill passes, but cannot seem to find any credits for it on the DVD either.

In the GMC Truck commerical, it's early in it when the robotic arms are welding the front end body frame. Can someone help me?
This has been answered here already ...

Bill Withers - "Use Me"


There you go.
What is the name of the song from the GMC commercial where there is an assembly line that shows the cars being built and an x-ray type screen that shows what the cars can become?
There is a CSI SUV (that I can remember) and some other vehicles that are driving through this assembly line(?) and there is this song playing that is from like the 70's I think. Does any one know what it is?
I just want to give a big 'thank you' to 'funkyjunky' for answering the GMC truck commercial question. I have searched for the past week without a hint of an answer. I thought the singer was Boz Scaggs. I was way off the mark. Thanks again 'funkyjunky' you saved me another sleepless night!