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Does anybody know the name of the song that is played on Gilmore Girls that goes: lalalalalalalalalala. It would really help me out if somebody told me.
rory's playing this song on her stereo as her grandmother walks into her dorm room.

does anyone recognize the song?
I want to know what the name of the song is from the Gilmore Girl's premiere when Rory is sitting ourside her house on the steps after Lorelai finds out she and Dean slept together. I don't remember any of the lyrics but it was like a pop/folk song with guitars and a female singer (i think) :blink:

Ive checked all the Gilmore sites and haven't been able to find out anything.
Any help would be appreciated!!
The only info I've found for this episode, (named "Say Goodbye To Daisy Miller"), is the following:

"If I Could Write" by Sam Phillips from the album "A Boot And A Shoe." Link goes to available audio sample, track 11. Also available from .

Is that the song you're looking for?
Yes that's it!!!! I should have known it was Sam Phillips.

Thanks B)
that's not an actual song. it's one of many, many cues recoreded specifically for the show by sam phillips. her songs are featured in a number of episodes though, espcially lately things off of her "a boot and a shoe" album have been getting a lot of play time.

hope that helped!
i heard this song that was played during a tv show and it's been driving me crazy.
the only line i can remember is "i'm just waiting for the weekend",
it sounds kind of 80's-ish. i don't think it was a theme song for the show, it was just played during the show. any help will be greatly appreciated!
female or male vocals? do you remember anything about the show/the scene in which the song is played?
it was a guy singing, a band i believe. i think i heard it during an old episode of gilmroe girls.
It could be The Moody Blues "Here Comes The Weekend" from the Sur La Mer CD.
i checked the soundtrack, it's not on there. however, i did find out wut episode it played in, it's the episode titled "double date", season one. i'm thinking of contacting a gilmore girls site and hopefully see if someone there knows.
thanks for the help and suggestions i'm really appreciating it.
was it the song at the beginning? if so, it was "Earn Enough for Us" by xtc.
yes that's it!!!!!! thank you soooooo much!! you don't know how long this has been bothering me!! thanks again soo much!