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Anybody know what song is playing over the preview for the new season of Gilmore Girls? It's the one that starts with the "A Daughter's Mistake..." tag line.

Artist: Frou Frou
Track: Shh
Album: Details

Track is even better in its un-edited form. ;) Another great track from the album was used in the teaser trailer for the movie Garden State, which just came out.

I recommend the album highly. :)
Hi, the fact that I can't find out what this song is, is driving me *crazy* and I hoped soembody could help :) The song is used on the Season Seven Promo for Gilmore Girls on WB soon to be CW. I saw it aired during the 9:00 showing, and I live on the East Coast of the USA. Some of the lyrics sound like (but I'm probably wrong seeing as it is hard to make out the words) "were you right, was I wrong, were you there, was I strong".

Thank you to anybody who can help :)
the new season looks good!
i googled the lyrics in the youtube link you posted, nd it matched for Aly&Aj - Chemicals React.
I hope thats right.
That's it! Thank you soooo much! And yes, the season looks fabulous. I openly admit to being a Gilmore Girls junkie.

Thank you again!
hey.. i was wondering if anyone know these two songs..

the one in this trailer


the song at the end of this one

Thanks in advance!!!
I was just watching the CW and was wondering if anyone new the song they use in the new Gilmore Girls Promoting the new episodes starting on January 23rd?? It sounds kinda like Regina Spektor?? Can anyone help me??
does anybody know the song that they play during the girlmore girls promo commerical?
i had recently seen a gg promo that was playing regina spektor's "on the radio." maybe it was the same one you saw and heard . . .
can someone plzzzzz tell me wat the song that is in the gilmore girls season 4 commerical on starts off "hold me...."
Don't know if anyone caught it.
A female singer, the only words I remember is "one, two, three..." which is not repeated or a really significant lyric to go on.
I'm waiting for to put up that preview.
For the Promo of next weeks Gilmore Girls there is a great song that I love and odn't know the name. It goes: One, two three..... (It's sung by a woman. WHat is the song?
hey guys & gals, soo theres this song in the Gilmore Girls trailer: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller [season 5 premiere trailer] that was used as i guess as an alternative trailer - - the song by Frou Frou (Shh) is not the song, its an instrumental piece.

here is a youtube link, hopefully it works!

any clues on to what this song's title is, and whether or not its attainable?

thanks for your help!
Can anyone identify the song playing in the background of the episode promos from 2:58-4:16. The particular episode is "The Reigning Lorelai" from season 4 and was aired in March 2004. What is the title of that song or who is the band performing it?