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hey, for some reason i can't find the artist that sings that theme in a geico commercial. it's a family driving down a road, and they're singing, and suddenly someone interrupts, and it's the geico salamander singing 'everybody must come foo fighting', and everyone looks at him strangely until he shuts up, but then they all start singing the song. (i'm not even sure if i interpreted the song correctly. it's kung fu fighting or come foo fighting.)
so, a little help would be appreciated. thanks.
It's Kung Fu Fighting ;) Some silly ass one hit wonder song from the 70's. Google it.
"Kung Fu Fighting" written by Carl Douglas, recorded by Carl Douglas (1974)

It was blind luck that I noticed the edit of your original post miss_chievous . If you need more help in the future just ad a new post and it won't be missed. ;)
"Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas can be found on the Pure Funk album at

Also available for download from .
Hi All,

Do you know where I can download the Geico commercial video with the "everybody was kung-fu fighting" song?

I have to send it to a friend and I couldn't find it anywhere, all I found was people who said they realy love it or realy hate it.