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I could swear the GE commercial with the kid on a tire swing is playing an instrumental version of Straylight Run's Another Word for Desperate. Does anybody know for sure? Maybe it just sounds like it, but is really just something they made up for the ad.

BTW, it kind of sucks we can't search for less than 5 characters. Sometimes the company name is short, like "GE". Adding the words general electric to this post in case somebody searches for that.
Re: GE Imagination at Work

BTW, it kind of sucks we can't search for less than 5 characters.
Actually we recently upgraded the forum to allow you to search for 3 characters or more in searches. 2 characters is not possible with the built-in search, but will be available in the future via Google site search.
Re: GE Imagination at Work

Oh, my mistake. I searched for a four-letter word and it said it was either too long, too short or too common. Guess it was too common, which also kinda sucks. It ignores the common word even when it's with other words. Makes stuff hard to find sometimes.

Anyway, there's another GE commercial I don't think has been addressed. It uses Goo Goo Dolls' Better Days.
That's the one! Thanks. It really does sound like that other song for a few notes.