BP gas petroleum TV ad music


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I did a forum search and didn't see this (to the best of my knowledge), so this might be new for you all ...

I have seen some new ads for BP gas petroleum (especially during the Amazing Race - fitting, since BP is one of their sponsors for this new family edition) ...

The music ...
Jaunty guitar with a violin playing over it ...
Very old-fashionedy, very old-timey, nostalgic kind of music ...

Very much reminded me of the kind of music they used to play during the CountryTime Lemonade ads (you know, showing kids jumping from a tire swing into a pond, showing kids riding a bike down a country lane not using their feet, the happy-clappy good ol' days kind of vibe) ...

Anybody have a clue about the music used in the BP ads?

And ... tying back into the CountryTime Lemonade ads (for which I did search the forums and read what info was available) ... is there any more word on the various pieces of music used in their ads as well?

Any assistance (on either topic) would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! B)