1. S

    GE Stories Healthcare

    I'm not sure how to embed videos since I'm posting this on a PS3 (my computer's down), so...
  2. rab236

    GE Ecomagination "Line Dance"

    Hi. I forget what this commercial was for, but I remember there were a bunch of people in a line, which started in a factory. There was a radio playing a country-ish sounding song which stopped half way through. A person in the factory then fixed the antenna, starting the music back up. I really...
  3. Y

    General Electric

    Can anyone name the background music? Thanks!
  4. bnsa

    GE Ecomagination "Ellie the Elephant"

    The Music Used In The GE Commercial Ecomagination with the dancing elephant is from Benny Goodman & Louis Prima - called "Sing Sing Sing" Enjoy everyone! Steven Wolff :cool:
  5. A

    GE WattStation

    Someone will likely want to know the song in the GE Wattstation commercial. It's "I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star" by Boy Least Likely To.
  6. D

    GE Ronald Reagan Centennial

    I am looking for the music played on this commercial: Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  7. O

    GE General Electric "Beautiful" What song is being played on the piano in the background?
  8. 5

    GE Soft White light bulbs 1980s

    Hi, I'm trying trying to find out if GE had a commerical in the late 70's early 80's with a mother and daughter in white formal dresses posing under a soft light while a george winston song from his december album (variations on canon I think) does anyone remember this commercial and if so was...
  9. horrorshow

    GE Ecomagination American Renewal

    Hey guys, anyone know which song this is? Thanks.
  10. C

    GE Ecomagination "Today"

    GE Ecomagination "Today" Hi, I was wondering if someone knew the song/tune for the GE Ecomagination commercial. It is available at the General Electric Web site, under "Online Advertising." It is the first...
  11. K

    GE Healthymagination Imagination at Work

    I could swear the GE commercial with the kid on a tire swing is playing an instrumental version of Straylight Run's Another Word for Desperate. Does anybody know for sure? Maybe it just sounds like it, but is really just something they made up for the ad. BTW, it kind of sucks we can't search...
  12. T

    GE Ecomagination "Clouds"

    Just saw it yesterday. The commercial is a bunch of people, dressed in white and working on the clouds, saving water to make rain. The song is "Have you ever seen the rain", originally by Creedance Clearwater Revival. But this version is sung by a woman with a very nice voice (that should...
  13. A

    GE Healthcare Reimagined China

    I'm looking for the song that plays in the general electric commercial on their medical innovations- this one is in China. It's a pretty setting in a little village, and a guy sees a girl and messes up the entire village and ends up getting x-rays by her. It's very soft and pretty.
  14. R

    GE Ecomagination "Jar"

    GE Ecomagination "Jar" What Bob Dylan song is playing in the latest GE commercial? A little boy catches the wind in a jar and travels back over the countryside to give it to his grandfather on his birthday. They open the jar and it blows out the birthday candles on the cake. This is driving me...
  15. R

    GE Ecomagination "Fishing"

    GE Ecomagination "Fishing" Would anyone happen to know the name of the song from the new GE commercial featuring fishermen harvesting clear, pure water from the briny deep? It's got gorgeous, light and airy female vocals to begin with, and then it kicks into some Irish sounding music toward...
  16. S

    GE Healthcare

    There was this one commercial, its song was a woman singing acapella. I can't remember the product, but there was narration about "we've all heard a woman's comforting voice as a source of comfort" or something more gramatically correct. Thanks for any help.
  17. ad-rock

    GE Imagination at Work "Singing in the Rain"

    GE Imagination at Work "Singing in the Rain" There's an elephant dancing to an instrumental version of "Singing In The Rain." Does anybody know who does it? If nobody knows it's not a big deal; I really like the commercial though! You can view it here. Thanks~
  18. 2

    GE Commercial Finance

    There is a GE Commercial Finance commercial that has very good music. The setting is in Italy and I think it is satire of Chris columbus. the music is sort of italian...very good music anyone know where I can get this? Suprisingly I cant find it myself. thanks