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There is a GE Commercial Finance commercial that has very good music. The setting is in Italy and I think it is satire of Chris columbus. the music is sort of italian...very good music

anyone know where I can get this? Suprisingly I cant find it myself. thanks
There seem to be three different pieces of music used in this commercial.

The first is flamenco guitar and sounds vaguely like the Overture from 'Concerto de Aranjuez' (but only vaguely!).

Listen to a sample here performed by B-Tribe (Track #1).

I have no idea with regard to the second orchestral piece.

The ad finishes with a version of the 'Sailor's Hornpipe'.

To view the commercial, visit this page.
thank you so much for the information. I dont know how you found that commercial on the site. I could not find it at all!

Do you know wher eI can list to the lmusic from the last part of this commercial? The music is great becuase it woudl serve as a great underscore for a tv show, or even cartoon. like Ducktales which was awesome!!