thats an awesome song man....
some major beats there....wooaaa......sirens.....its like a rave !
i have no idea about that song......but if i had to guess....mmmm...the 1st half seemed to me like RUN DMC.....ahhh...actually ..nevermind...i think i'm completely wrong...i give up... :(
Haha lol, thanks though man lol. Wow we got so much to find out! 2 Fruitopia commercials, NFS trailer and a dance song ....

-Search is still on-

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey guess what! I'm actually getting a Tarantula :P

lol, I just had to tell that.
Tarantula !! the next domination ? :D

btw,did that RUN DMC guess lead u somewhere.....or was it just a really really wrong answer ?
No actually it does sorta sounds like Run DMC eh, but I didn't have time today to look it up 'cause a friend was over n' all. Maybe later I'll look it up. But Run DMC doesn't have a female singer in it doesn't it? I saw this video from this "Kollaboration" site (some kind of breakdancing site) that had the SAME song, but with female vocals in it, and also some guy voices.
Just listen til you hear that siren so you'll recognize it, maybe it is a different song but it sounds too similar to the "one legged guy dancer" video.
ohh...i almost forgot.....can u recommend me some really kick ass songs.....wid some major bass the techno / trance theme ...
Sure can!!! :D

Try some "The Chemical Brothers" or "The Crytal Method" on

or even "Daft Punk" or "Fatboy Slim" there's just so many good songs from each band, if you have time, you just gotta give all of them a try and see what you like!!
Groove Armada, Overseer of course lol, uuuuuuhm ... the Animatrix soundtrack is okay I guess, that's all I can bring up now, I'm just looking at my own cd's and all those bands I just showed ya is all I know. I hope it's sorta what you're looking for!
well there goes 10 minutes of my life, so i guess you guys nevr found the fruitopia song?
Does the song have a repeated soundtrack of some guy saying something about "feel good"?