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I saw this other thread about someone who looked for a song on a Fruitopia commercial. It was composed for the commercial by Grayson Matthews from . but that Fruitopia commercial is not the one I was looking for. The one I saw looks very similar to the "Would You Rather" commercial on but it's faster with this faster song. It's like half drumbeat (sorta breakbeat-ish) with real drums, and half techno. Tiny bit of electric guitar in it. that's all I can say for now. Thanks
yeah ..ur totally right ....i had posted that -> .

i checked out that website......the one they have, wasnt the one I was talking about ...even though its looks very similar to it.... I kinda did a quick check and I thought it was the one i wanted....until now that is !

in other words my topic remains unanswered..

thanks a lot .... the search in ON !
it shows in writing that ...
A spark can become a flame...
A look can become a kiss....
A paper can become an airplane... {music in the background}
A walk can become a journey... shows......
The fruits of imagination.

Are those the lyrics of the song you're looking for? I don't think mine had any lyrics, MAYBE some male voice like "aaaaaaaah ahhhh" (sighing sorta ya know) or something lol. I don't remember.
those arent the lyrics.....
they are what the commercial shows / displays on the screen .....with the actual music running in the background...

the song had techno/trance thing to it......with sirens and stuff towards the end...
oooooooo I love sirens in a song haha :p Well I guess we're looking at different commercials here but yeah like you said, the search is on ! lol
yup, no problem.

(just wondering, do you know any good beats with sirens? haha, I don't know what it is about sirens but it brings the panic into a song in a way that it just fires it up lol. Yeah I'm full of it. I know Prodigy has lots of sirens, Korn had this song, and even this Need for Speed: Most Wanted commercial song had it, but no one has found out that song yet )
Well....i'll definately let u know if I find some gud songs...wid beats n of now...i cant think of many....

y dun u look into Overseer's songs.....u mite some.....u can check out Timo Maas's remixes as well.....oh and about the need for speed Most wanted....."The search is ON" :)
Haha :p thanks

Yeah I have Overseer's Wreckage album ;) I have LOTS, like the Chem Bros, Crystal Method, Prodigy, Controller 7, and all this beat stuff.
i have been searching for a couple of days luck yet on the NFS Most Wanted song.....sorry about that Gussler.. :( ...i'll keep trying.
Hey that's okay, what if that NFS song is actually made for the trailer?!?! DAMNI hope not ........ and is ALL the Fruitopia music made for its commercials??
Yeah.....i was thinking about that.......that wud definately s*ck....well if they'r making cool songs for these commercials ...they mite as well make full length ones and get xtra $$$ for it ...

and yeah...about the ones in the fruitopia commercials....i think they'r making em for the commercials ...

:( :( :( :(
I think there should be a new TV rule:

1) ALL the commercials that contain music MUST be from a real band.


2) ALL the music that is made specifically for the commercial should be made full length afterwards and should become downloadable from it's website or a program lol. Why? like you said, they'll get extra cash.
haha ^_^ yeah, thanks. I thought of that for soooooo long, like back in the day when I checked out Adtunes but wasn't a member yet, and I saw aaaall these people asking for all these songs and then I thought of those "rules"

so what's happening? I'm a little bored, it's aaaalmost 1:00am here and I'm just sitting here, my ass is getting so numb now from sitting awkwardly
holy sh*t ....same rear end is hurting as

i was just checking out the ad-tunes store......i'll probably buy a mouse pad & a shirt or something.....
nice. there's this store in the mall here that sells aaaall these random shirts and you can come in with a picture or a drawing or something ya know and you can get that image printed on a shirt. I wanted to do something crazy with "Adtunes" but I don't know!! that was an old idea.