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In my control panel, I no longer see the option of uploading a picture from my computer to use as an avatar.. I only see the options of using a gallery pic or a pic on a website. Did this change? Am I missing something? ::lol:: It's been a while since I've been active in the forums.
Over the past two months, has been way over it's monthly bandwidth, resulting in hefty charges from our webhost. We're making changes to reduce the amount of bandwidth being used each month, the first was removing the option of uploading an avatar to our server. From now on, you'll have to use a built-in gallery avatar, or link to the url of of an image on your own server. (Please do not hotlink to images that are not on your own web server/site.)
For avatars, I usually go to and upload them there. they give you a web address for the pics.

And I love Calvin and Hobbes too........I was cleaning my room and I just discovered a bunch of books.....I've been reading them ever since......which suck 'cause I probably SHOULD get back to cleaning that room........ ;)
Originally posted by anti_peace_riot@May 31 2004, 11:18 AM
For avatars, I usually go to and upload them there. they give you a web address for the pics. is excellent. I redirect image hotlinkers to "switcheroo" images hosted there. :) They're a good choice (at the moment) for hosting your images for free.
You can select an avatar of your own by entering the url of your image file on another server.

If you go to My Controls in the top red menu, then select Edit Avatar Settings -- you'll see text field:

"Enter a URL to an online avatar image"

Simply enter the url of your image file. Don't point to an image/server that doesn't belong to you without permission -- your best bet is to upload your image to a image hosting service that allows direct linking, such as Photobucket.
I'm a new member, and I'm not sure where to go to get put up an avatar, or where to go to set a signature. Please let me know!
My avatar isn't loading on pages lately. Any idea why? (It will probably start working by the time anyone reads this but oh well.)
Really? It must be my computer then, cuz I still don't see it. Oh well, its getting late. If I still can't see it tomorrow I'll... do nothing. But I'm sure if I were to reboot it would be fine.
Doesn't work for me -- I assume it to be a problem with the host ( of your avatar image?
What image hosting site do you guys recommend? I've tried to use but no luck. I'm not sure if the site is the problem. :unsure:
Okay, go to that link that I gave you and choose any avatar. Then read the instructions and it will give you a host site that you can use for free. Then when you get the host site up it will give you the option to browse and you can browse out to the picture that you saved. Then it will give you a URL that you can copy and paste on this site under avatar options. That should work for you. Just let me know. :)
Or just right click on the image, click on copy image location, and paste it on avatar options. Doesn't always work, so I hope you don't hava a particular image in mind.
Cool avatar. That website you got it from has awesome avatars. What series is that from?