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Wonder if anyone out there knows any info about the song in the Ford Mustang commercial. All I've seen from the commercial is a red mustang driving along, and the song is pretty heavy. Part of the lyrics are "I got what she wants, I got what she needs"...

That's all I know. Been searching to no avail. Oh yeah, I'm in Canada, so I guess it's possible this commercial isn't airing in the US :(

Thanks for any and all leads :)
I know what you're talking about... to me it sounded like Van Halen... but I still can't find it

It's a sweet tune too!
Hi, I am also interested in finding out the music as well.

Don't think it's Van Halen at all, but sounds more like Aerosmith.

I have asked on another forum and nobody recognizes the tune as well, it might have been customed made for the commercial itself.
I don't know... I've heard it quite a few times... and the guy singing sounds almost identical to David Lee Roth from Van Halen... at the end of the commercial it even has his laugh.

It could be Aerosmith... but the way the guitars sound... it sounds a lot like "You Really Got Me"... which was a cover Van Halen did. If it was custom made... they sure are jerks for not telling us who!

I still really got nothing on this though.... just a bunch of songs on my computer that aren't this song

I know someone has to know this.... HELP!!!!!!!!!
I have a feeling that it's Kiss. I don't know if it will help or if I will even get an answer, but I have e-mailed Ford about this.
This song is killing me.... I can't find out anywhere. Maybe it was custom made...

BTW- at the end he says "Speed.... check yea. Hahaha" Hmm... I've been trying to look through Van Halen lyrics... but no luck so far.
This is killin me too, I wrote Ford as well about it, and they said they'd forward the question to the "appropriate department" and would get back to me hopefully within three days. Lets keep our fingers crossed! I'm truly hoping this is a real song, but I really don't think it's Van Halen.
Me niether. After listening to Van Halen about 50 times through... his voice is different than the voice in the commercial. The one in the commercial is lower and seems more relaxed.
HELLO???? Anybody home? That is not Van Halen or Aerosmith..."SHE'S THE ONE I WANT ". "I'VE GOT WHAT SHE NEEDS" what is This is a newbie or STUDIO MUSICIAN or VOCALIST. Hell yeah!

Ford replied to my email....

"According to our resources, the song in the commercial is called "Build
For Speed" by "The Salads". It was written by Darren Dumas for Ford of

me thinks we're not gonna find it anywhere :(
But at least we know now!

Thanks to all who helped with the mystery!
Hey everyone! I am the guy who sang the song in the Ford Mustang commercial. A friend of mine stumbled across this website and I decided to help set the record straight.....You ALMOST got it! I, Darren Dumas, aka Mista D, am the lead singer for a Toronto, Canada, based rock group called "The Salads" ( BUT we did not write or record this song. The song was written specifically for this commercial at a studio in Toronto called "The Eggplant". It was there lovely team of writers that wrote the song, and the lyrics....I merely sang on it...AND they added my laugh at the end! Thanks to everyone for the fantastic and complimenting comparisons (ie. Van Halen, Aerosmith, Kiss..) The funny coincidence is that one of The Salads' singles was a tribute to David Lee Roth, called "The Roth Kung Fu"! If you check out our website, you can have a listen to it. Glad I could help solve the mystery! And thanks for enjoying it! PEACE.
Cool! Talent in our midst! Thank you for posting Mista D.
I guess Ford was close anyway.
But DAMN now I REALLY want that song. Maybe the car companies should get together and make a recording of their best commercial tunes seeing as there's quite a few good ones.

Awesome song tho Mista D, i wish i could hear more!
Toronto Canada eh? I live in downtown Toronto, know any place I can pick up a copy then :lol: ?