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Final Fantasy Online

Has anyone seen the Final Fantasy Online commercial, the one where it ends with the shot of the brown haired guy in a sea of people and does an extreme close up into the guy's eye? What's the song that's playing?
Sorry guys but i have been searching forever
i cannot find an author let alone song title for the music that is playing on the final fantasy xi commercial.

it doesnt have any singing, just music, i downloaded the commercial and i listen to it like 500000000 times a day because the music is amazing..... i dont even like the game

someone PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE I BEG OF THEE is it that song?

I play FFXI, and as far as I know that is not part of the OST or any ingame music. I believe it was made specially for that commercial (it could possibly by by nobuo or the other guy (forget his name) who did the soundtrack and ingame music for FFXI). Sorry, I hope that helps-- I like this song also, but have a feeling it was for commercial use only.