final fantasy

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    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Does anyone know what the music is, in this teaser trailer for FFXIII Versus? FFXIII Teaser Trailer Thanks!!
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    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

    can anyone help me out? i wanna know the name of the song thats on the scene where they discover that rufus is still alive
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    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

    anyone know the music used in this trailer? i'd appreciate the help. thanks in advance.
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    Final Fantasy VII

    Ok this one is cool Any one knows what Choral music plays in the background, the opera stuff ? I cant find a link to the trailer but if anyone has please post it here What i wanna know is what music is in the background, the opera stuff I know it's not Carmina Burana, and i'm pretty sure it's...
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    Final Fantasy XI Online

    Final Fantasy Online Has anyone seen the Final Fantasy Online commercial, the one where it ends with the shot of the brown haired guy in a sea of people and does an extreme close up into the guy's eye? What's the song that's playing?