Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

You did not give link to trailer, but im pretty sure you are after "One winged angel" from the FF7 reunion disc.

There is also a remix version on the AC soundtrack.
thanks, i'll look into that. sorry about the link.

more info:

the trailer i'm talking about is the one on the STEAMBOY dvd "features" in it, it shows a guy holding a girl in water... it isn't techno or a remix... it is orchestral with a choir.
yep.. it is "One-winged angel" (Orchestra Version)
thanx, vocal i downloaded it today.

i love it.

the main theme for final fantasy 7 is also very nice.
You're welcome.

Yes the main theme is beautiful, i even love the synth version plays in the game!
Wow, thank you. I'd just started looking fo rthe same thing. I kinda thought it'd be hard, suspected that no one else had seen Steamboy... It was kinda buried in the back end of a tiny little film shop.
I have never played final fantasy...maybe once...FFX i think...

but I have heard and like the one winged angel song...from kingdom hearts...

I checked out a sample from the advent children soundtrack...the one winged angel is really nicely remixed.... :)
this is probably beating a dead horse but the original composer of Sephiroth (One-Winged Angel) is Nobuo Uematsu for the final boss fight of Final Fantasy 7. and the composer of the Overclocked remix (OC REMIX) or a.k.a. One-Winged Angel Techno remix is Tony Bacala (who specializes in Transformer remixes) blah somebody find the chrysler 300c commercial song already I'm gonna go INSANE!!!!