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Anyone have any idea title/artist of this song? It sounds kind of like southern rock. I'm afraid I didn't catch enough of the lyrics for it to be of any use. If you know it please let me know.
I'm not into country much at all but I saw the video for that song this weekend and Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. :p
Anybody know the song they play?

It's like a slow jazz kind of song.
Well the only line I heard in the song was....

"And I'm feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling good..."

The beat sounds kind of like the Pink Panther.
The world series of poker 2005 commercial
it has some jazz new orleans music playing
its like
"and i feellllllllllll gooddddddddd"
bump. Its either this or take a box of ammo to the post office. Funny how insignificant things can drive you up a wall.
The version I know of that song is by Nina Simone.

It's called "Feeling Good"

Nina Simone's version is great, but there may be many others due to the great sound of the song.

You can listen to the sample of her version in the 1st "Verve Unmixed" cd at if you like. I have that great cd and you can get it there for cheap.
That's the song! I think the version on the commercial is by Michael Buble. At amazon I found it on a cd called "It's Time"
World Series of Poker

Can only tell me the name of the song that plays for that commercial? They play it alot on espn. One of them starts with Joseph Hachem has an ivi of ice water going into his arm. Another one is each poker player showing they have the nuts. One puts nuts on the table the next guy puts steel nuts. And the third player puts two bowling balls on the table. Both commercias play the same song. I tried to find a link to these commercials but cant find it.
Re: ESPN World Series of Poker Commercial Song?

I'm almost 100% sure its the North Mississippi All Stars.