1. P

    ESPN 2021 Women's College World Series (WCWS) Softball

    Hi all, I am looking to find out what this song is on this ESPN highlights of the 2021 WCWS video. I've tried searching the lyrics, the ones I can make out, and haven't been able to find anything. Here's a link to the video and music track. And below are the lyrics that I think are mostly...
  2. D

    ESPN NBA 2006 Playoffs highlights

    I've heard this for several years and can't find anything. Tried with no luck, anyone have any ideas? It starts at 53 seconds and runs to 1:13
  3. A

    O.J. Made in America Part 5, the final part, opening thirty seconds or more, it is of a musical score that I have heard before in another famous movie but I can't remember which one it is, does anybody know which movie this piece of score music is from? Thanks.
  4. C

    ESPN SportsCenter @ Night "Frat House"

    Hi folks! This is my first time posting on AdTunes, although I have found answers here before. I wonder if anyone could help me out in identifying the song used in this ESPN SportsCenter commercial: You can begin to hear the song playing quietly in the background at about 11 seconds in, and...
  5. C

    ESPN SEC game Mississippi vs. Tennessee

    Last night during a break in the game, an SEC commercial came on ESPN where a song played with the lyrics, "are you gonna play are you gonna shout it out loud the countdown to victory." I've looked everywhere and googled the lyrics and nothing came up. So I'm assuming it's an in house...
  6. F

    SEC Network

    It sounds like John Spencer or Black Keys, and part of the lyrics go "Play all night Long" with harmonica..such a cool tune..I hope you can help.
  7. C

    ESPN Sports Center

    Tonight on various college football games on ESPN, I saw a commercial with two black kids playing a video game and all they were advertising was Sports Center. It had a nice catchy tune. I did all kinds of research but no luck whatsoever. If anyone knows the music, let me know. Thanks.
  8. S

    ESPN Images of the Year 2012

    Can anyone help me find out the music in this? The dubstep song that plays first, then the song that plays when they show each team that won a championship in the year. Thanks!
  9. Traxxx

    Numbers Never Lie

  10. D

    ESPN MLS Cup

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this commercial? Thanks in advance.
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    ESPN 30 for 30

    Been trying to find the song played in the beginning of this clip during the 30 for 30 intro: Thanks!
  12. C

    ESPN3 Euro 2012

    OK guys the song I'm looking for I cannot find the name to it in the Euro 2012 sites- it is played during the commercial that ads the "Kings of the throne" "for one month" etc. It is not the song by Raputure It's instrumental, uptempo and near the end of the commercial it goes "ooooooo...
  13. N

    ESPN Masters Golf

    ESPN Masters Golf Commercial - Trying to figure out the name of the song they have running in the background of this commercial.
  14. E

    LSU vs Alabama

    anybody know the name of the song?
  15. S

    ESPN Classic "For the Love of Sport"

    Hey guys, I've been searching for hours now for that song from the ESPN Classic commercial themed "For the Love of Sport", it is some kind of classical music with a female singer - the commercial is shown in every break, but I can't seem to find it anywhere around in the interwebz. Would be...
  16. B

    ESPN3 "Three Is a Magic Number"

    Hey, I am sure you guys living in the US have seen the ESPN3 "Three is a Magic Number" commercial. It has been used quite a bit between the breaks of the World Cup games. It is a cover version, and is NOT the original version by Bob Dorough. I checked cover version by Blind Melon, Jeff Buckley...
  17. T

    NCAA March Madness

    i'm from poland/ i'm search song from commercial of march madness college basketball 2010 from espn america;) this is something like techno song please help
  18. L

    ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown Sounds like some 70s funk song. Any ideas?
  19. C

    2009 ESPY Awards

    ESPY Awards 2009 Music Does anyone recognize the music from this Nelson Mandela special at the 2009 ESPY awards? It starts around 4:00 of the youtube excerpt and starts up again at 5:45...possibly a movie score or something done by Immediate Music/X-Ray Dog?
  20. E

    ESPN Michael Jordan Hall of Fame

    I'm looking for the sound that starts around 5:20. Thanks