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I was just wundering if anybody knew what song was playing in the Doritos Ad where the two guys are talking with the chips and asking if they stand a chance with the girl that just came in who then goes and says with the Doritos "Slim to none" or whatever.
sorry... haven't seen the ad and haven't found any info on the internet yet.

do you have any more info on the song? are there lyrics, man/woman, type, instruments, etc...?
It's kind of techno-ish... and there's a guy singing, but it's really muffled and I can't make out anything he's saying.
hmm... i'll have another go-round with it and see if find something. :unsure:
i cannot find anything so far, but will keep my eye out. it must be a pretty new ad...

where are you located?
I'm in Alberta Canada. It's not that new, cause I've been seing it for a while. It's possible that it might only be in Canada or something. It sounds like the guy in the background is saying something like "girls in the club with my" and then they start eating chips and I can't hear it any more.
here's a longshot...

going on some of the lyrics you gave, try this -- jagged edge feat. nelly called "where the party at." here' are the lyrics.

(i'm in los angeles and apparently they aren't running that same ad or i just haven't seen it yet. so i'm just blind guessing!) :)
I live in Québec and I'm also looking for this tune. Sadly, it's not "where the party at". I think I'm going to call to frito lay Canada.