1. A


    Anyone from Canada seen those Doritos viral ads? They seem to all have the same music (this one song by I think Fefe Dobson, which isn't bad), except this one: Does anyone know what the name of this song is? Please, please tell me it's not one of those "commercial-only" songs. It would be...
  2. P

    Doritos Late Night Has anybody seen this commercial? It's a girl eating these doritos in the back of the car and by the time she's done, she has her hair down and is wearing a sexy glittey black top. The singer reminded me of franz ferdinand
  3. T


    What is the music for the superbowl ad where a men is beat up by a man in a mouse suit
  4. Skinkybob


    I was just wundering if anybody knew what song was playing in the Doritos Ad where the two guys are talking with the chips and asking if they stand a chance with the girl that just came in who then goes and says with the Doritos "Slim to none" or whatever.