Doo-Wop Style "Da" Song


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So I know questions like this are ridiculous and vague, but I need help finding the name of a song and will do my best to explain it.

All I remember is a female voice, probably in her 20s-30s, singing a 'da' pattern on loop in the background of the song. I think it's probably a song from the last 10 years since I heard it at a bar playing a lot of other recent music.

The 'da' loop has a doo-wop/Chordettes/Andrews Sisters type vibe, albeit it's just one singer.

And it seriously loops, probably the whole song.

It's not a long 'da' sequence - I'll try my best to explain it against my better judgment.

da dada dada dadadadada

the first da is an upward inflection, then a slight pause, the dada is a downward inflection, second dada slightly upward, and the dadadadada is spoken 'rapidly'

bum^ babumV babum^ babumbumbumbum

It sounds like Lady Gaga a little bit in the song 'Chillin' by Wal-e but it's not Gaga as far as I know.

I do not know any more lyrics. Really this da da part is not even part of the main song. I think it was just a backtrack/sound effect loop.

I recorded my voice doing exactly what I'm trying to describe: