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Not sure if this is a Dodge commercial or not.

Guys' car breaks down and another guy agrees to pull their car with his truck. While one of the guys is riding shotgun with him they go through all these shots of them doing things as friends. A song plays that has some guy singing about being best friends.

Anyone know this song?
I dunno , but I;d like to know 2, it like "Best Friends you there when I need you Best Friends etc....

Someone PLEASE figure this one out!

I have been trying to find the answer, and I *THINK* it may be original for the commercial (although done in a style & lyric that is reminiscent of some other songs). Someone on some other board tried to say it was the them song from the 60's TV show "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" but that is WRONG.

If anyone can confirm that this is indeed simply something Dodge (actually, the agency) made up for this commercial, I would greatly appreciate it!

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Yes, it was composed for the commercial by the WOJAHN BROTHERS.
Unfortunately tracks composed specifically for TV ads are rarely released commercially.