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This new ad just started running. It is the one with all of the motercycle guys following the charger. They then turn into kids. The song playing is a remix of AC/DC (I think) "son of a b*tch". Who is the remix by?

Thanks in advance.
I've seen that post, and I've seen that ad. It isn't the same one. This just came out in the last week, and it is definetely AC/DC. song "son of a b*tch". It is a remix of that song. Anyone else see the ad yet?
AC/DC did not perform "Hair of the Dog" (which is the song title, not "Son of a Bitch"). Nazareth did.

Perhaps the actual ad is not the same, but the song being used is. I have seen the commercial you are referring to with the motorcycles and it is indeed the same song that was played in the previous ad for the Charger. The remix used in BOTH ads is Chris Classic "Live & Loose" which samples "Hair of the Dog" and is available for download via Musicmatch.
D'oh! You beat me to the punch ohiomedgirl

The commercial is different than the one mentioned in that other thread, but the song is the same.

AC/DC doesn't have a song called son of a bitch. The song being sampled is Nazareth's "Hair Of The Dog."("Now you're messing with a son of a bitch" is the main chorus.) The song is a mashup of "Hair Of The Dog," and "Live and Loose" by Chris Classic. Here's the answer as quoted from the original thread. Everything else one should need or want to know about these Chager ads can be found in that topic too. :D

Originally posted by jkl1969@Sep 26 2005, 09:20 PM
"The BBDO Detroit ad agency, DaimlerChrysler AG and JSM Music, a New York music producer for commercials, are trying to turn the popular song featured in national TV ads for the 2006 Dodge Charger muscle car into the next blockbuster hit.

The companies have produced the rock and hip-hop single "Unleashed" by newcomer New York rapper Chris Classic and an accompanying music video. The video -- with product placements of the shiny red Dodge Charger, including some shots of it being washed by scantily clad women -- is to be released this weekend. The companies split production costs for the music track and video."
The song is called "Live and Loose" Mashup (w/ Nazareth's Hair of the Dog) by Chris Classic (Run of Run DMC's nephew).

It's been released and can be downloaded from MusicMatch. It's awesome!
Get it.
im really stuck here, it's a car commercial where they are just driving in a neighborhood.
first the song sounds rock then a guy kinda raps and all i really get is the rock guy sayin "i (or ya'll) dont mess with a". i could have sworn this was a remake of an old song, kinda sounds like ac/dc but i cant find anything. please help!!!
can u provide more which car company ?....did u see it in an american channel..or canadian...etc..