1. J

    Dodge Ram 1500

    I was wondering if anyone could help with the new Ram 1500 commercial with Sam Elliot. Sounds maybe like an old R & B song with a female vocalist. She sings something about "from sundown to sunset"? We're in California, so we're hoping this isn't just a regional ad. Thanks.
  2. darlingaesthete

    2012 Dodge Grand Caravan "Moon"

    Help! Can someone please tell me what song is playing in the background of the Dodge Grand Caravan ad that is airing on TV right now? It shows a family getting into the van at night, then driving down a road under a huge full moon. Then the little girl in the back seat fogs up the window with...
  3. D

    2012 Dodge Journey

    The song on 2012 Dodge Journey Commercial is Never Quit Loving You by Jill Barber
  4. M

    Dodge Ram 1500 "Respect"

    There's a new comml for the Dodge Ram 1500 with Sam Elliot doing the narration. I need to know what blues track is playing in the background....can't find it yet on YT
  5. B

    2012 Dodge Journey "Search"

    I'm not sure what kind of Truck it was, but for the companies newest model, they said they left 3 of these new trucks somewhere in the world and if you find it, you get it. That's all I have to go on =/
  6. S

    Dodge Ram

    This is a long shot, but does anyone recognize the tune in this commercial? It's probably an original piece, but figured I'd ask...
  7. C

    Dodge Challenger "Freedom"

    need help with the classical music on this ad, anyone?
  8. G

    Dodge 2010 Journey SXT

    By chance does anyone know what SLAMMING house music sounding song is used in the new Dodge 2010 Journey SXT Commercial. I can't help but to start dancing every time the commercial comes on. :) TIA for Any and All help! :)
  9. J

    Dodge Chrysler Jeep "We Build"

    It's part of the "We build" series that Chrysler/Jeep is doing, but I don't remember which it was advertising. It was some sort of mini SUV It was a girl and she kept singing "It's okay" The commercial starts out- We build coolers, we build dog houses" Sorry for the lack of information. Any...
  10. R

    Dodge Journey animated

    hey stukes1, if you are referring to the animated dodge journey ad, the song is AM 180 by Grandaddy. you can see the video on youtube here 2009 Animated Dodge Journey Ad
  11. R

    Dodge Challenger

    Has anyone seen the new Dodge Challenger tv ad that was out last fall (2007)? It fetures a 1970 Plum Crazy Purple Dodge Challenger stopped at a red light. The driver is listening to a slow melody when the new Hemi Orange Challenger (2006 concept car) pulls alongs side, blasting aggressive...
  12. D

    Dodge Nitro Concert

    Anyone know anything about the song that plays in the commercial for the Dodge Nitro. I don't remember all the details, but it ends up at a "concert" and a band is playing. A portion of the lyrics used in the song are something like, "night and day, keep me far away"... Let me know if you...
  13. J

    Dodge Truck

    Geffen Records has recently announced that Lifehouse's hit song "First Time" is the new theme song for Dodge's new commercial!
  14. B

    2006 Dodge Nitro "Planet"

    View: Can someone please tell me name of the song, and more importantly the singe (male) in the new Dodge Nitro commercial? He sounds to me a little like a young Engebert Humperdink.
  15. S

    Dodge Charger

    This new ad just started running. It is the one with all of the motercycle guys following the charger. They then turn into kids. The song playing is a remix of AC/DC (I think) "son of a b*tch". Who is the remix by? Thanks in advance.