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Cant recall the commerccial but it features the song "Hair of the Dog" from Nazareth although I think it's been remixed with rap lyrics.

Any ideas on the commercial, even more importantly, who remixed the song?

Figured out it was the Dodge Charger commercial where the Charger runs against a dragster.

The track has the "Hair of the Dog" sampled.

Still dont know the artist.

I saw this commercial just one time, and I would really like to know the song. It was for the new Dodge Charger, the song was upbeat, and it took place at a toll booth or something along those lines. Any idea on the song??
Here is a better desc of the commercial: It is the new Dodge Charger going head to head with a drag car. But at the end of the commercial it turns out that he is just imagining it and he is just at a toll booth with just a regular car besides him. Ive been looking for this song for a while as well. So a "pre-thanks" to anyone that replies...
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These are EXCERPTS from the article you requested.
Nazareth, Reverend Run Help Dodge Re-Launch
May 17, 2005 -Michael Paoletta, N.Y.

The first part of a multi-tiered campaign, the ad features the mashed-up sounds of rockers Nazareth and rapper Chris Classic.
The track is the lead single from the rapper's forthcoming Island Def Jam album, due Sept. 13.
Run, who stars in MTV's upcoming hip-hop reality sitcom, "Run's House," has also partnered with Electronic Arts.
Anybody know who sampled Nazareth's Hair of the Dog in the new Dodge Charger Commercial?
Hi, I just saw a new commercial for the new Buick Charger...any idea who might do the music for it? Thanks!
It's actually for a Dodge Charger, and partially answered here. The song is currently un-named, but is coming out in September.
The only thing available right now (legally!) from the Reverend Run album is "Mind on the Road"... Is that it?

Originally posted by djdestroy@Jul 11 2005, 12:44 AM
The only thing available right now (legally!) from the Reverend Run album is "Mind on the Road"... Is that it?

I put a sound sample link into the quote above, but that's not it. "I Love Rock 'N Roll" by Joan Jett & The Black Hearts seems to be the dominant sample on that one. Hopefully we'll have a name for the Charger song soon though!
You'd think Rev Run would jump on the opportunity to release the charger song as a single, too. The Nazareth sample is just too good to waste on a commercial.

(It was funny, I downloaded Mind on the Road from MusicMatch, but it took me forever to figure out the Joan Jett sample.)

Its Chris Classic Live and Loose... which is SUPPSOED to have been relased on Yahoo music August 1, but so far, isnt coming up in searches....
Looks like it's there now. Did an artist search for Chris Classic, and there is only one track. Hair of the Dog/Live and loose - Mash Up. 99 cents.
Just an FYI.

I could not download this song on Yahoo! music (it was listed, but not for purchase), but did find it on Musicmatch. And thus far, it is not up on iTunes.